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See This: ‘Nigerian Oil SubsiDIE’- Femi Kuti and The Masses



As Nigeria continues its protests on fuel pricing and the removal of fuel subsidies, one wonders what the legendary Fela Kuti would have done in a time like this when many Nigerians feel that their government isn’t listening to them. Well, his son, Femi Kuti has join hands with The Masses to give us a taste of what the legendary activist and musician would have done in a new video titled ‘Nigerian Oil SubsiDIE’ The message in the video says: “This is the true story of a great people, in a land flowing with milk and honey. Since independence on October 1st 1960, our government has enslaved us even though we got freedom from the colonialist. They steal from us and give us nothing in return. We toil they eat; we cry they smile; we cater for our basic needs and also for theirs with our tax. Government after government impoverished us, yet we kept sealed lips, now they’ve removed oil subsidy so that we can die. They have the guns, we have the guts, and we shall fight until we see the light, arise Nigerians say no to oil subsidy removal.” ]]>


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