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Seek Therapy and Open Up to Others – Camidoh’s Heart Break Advice



Award-winning Ghanaian Afrobeats artiste, Raphael Kofi Attachie, better known as Camidoh has emphasized the importance of not keeping heartbreak to oneself.

Speaking in a candid interview with Hitz FM’s DJ Slim on Daybreak Hitz, the crooner encouraged those who have experienced heartbreak to seek professional help and confide in others, just as he did in his own situation.

Camidoh further advised individuals to go through therapy, talk to somebody, and be open about their pain.

“Go through therapy, talk to somebody, be open about it; it’s fine,” he said.
Additionally, he shares that driving alone at night and spending time with friends helped him overcome his heartbreak from a failed relationship.
 The ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker further revealed that losing a beloved partner due to arguments or misunderstandings was incredibly painful for him, and he emphasizes that the incident had nothing to do with infidelity.
“I wouldn’t say much but losing a partner I loved very much to a few arguments or misunderstandings here and there hurts so bad,” he says indicating that the incident has nothing to do with infidelity,” he added.
He candidly shares that he experienced a complete breakdown and depression, leading him to seek therapy.
Camidoh’s new song, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” tells a real-life story through its lyrics, melodies, and rhythm. The song, which was produced by Camidoh himself, Nawtyboi Tattoo, and Baba Wood, explores the ups and downs of love and encourages listeners to approach relationships with logic to avoid unnecessary pain.
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