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She got the last laugh! Akuapem Polo shakes her bum bum for Cardi B



Internet star, Akuapem Polo was among the few who stayed for the delayed Meet and Greet event for American rapper, Cardi B, and she had her moment to shine!

Yes she got the chance to twerk for Cardi B. She took the mic and said ” I am going to show you, how I can twerk”. Cardi B was a good sport enough to join in.

The even which was scheduled for 12 noon was eventually postponed to 8.30 pm, after most guests had waited for hours for the rapper to make an appearance.

The meet and greet finally took place and Cardi B explained that it wasn’t her intention to disrespect the guest that had been waiting for her for hours. She made it clear that she wasn’t a stuck up Hollywood star for that to happen.

According to her, she was not originally aware of the Meet and Greet event and when she was told about it later in the day, she had a stomach upset just when she was getting ready for it.