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SheGoal Sports Festival “Sophomore Edition” set for August 4th



The highly anticipated SheGoal Sports Festival is set to take place on Friday, August 4th at the Makers House, also known as the Destiny Arena, adjacent to the Graduate School of Allied Sciences on the Atomic Road in Accra.

This exhilarating event is dedicated to empowering girls in sports and providing them with valuable knowledge and insights into various career opportunities within the sports industry. The festival aims to create a space where young girls can connect, learn, and excel in their chosen sports.

The Shegoal Sports Festival will feature a range of exciting tournaments, including a thrilling 5×5 football tournament, an action-packed 3×3 basketball tournament, and an e-sports tournament that will have participants on the edge of their seats. Each tournament will offer enticing cash prizes and exciting giveaways for the winners.

Furthermore, esteemed associations from different sports have been invited to join the festival and provide invaluable educational sessions on sports-related topics. The festival also offers a unique opportunity for mentorship, where aspiring athletes can gain insights and guidance from accomplished professionals.


The event will kick off at 10:00 AM and conclude at 2:00 PM, promising a day filled with action, learning, and networking opportunities. Sports enthusiasts and individuals passionate about empowering young girls in sports are encouraged to attend and be part of this vibrant community.

“This festival is an incredible platform to inspire and uplift girls in sports, enabling them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential,” said Sandra Yeboah, Founder of the SheGoal Foundation

Don’t miss this opportunity to join like-minded individuals, network, and celebrate the power of women in sports.

For more information, please visit or contact +233546084089


About Shegoal Sports Festival:

The Shegoal Sports Festival is an annual event dedicated to empowering girls in sports by providing educational opportunities and organizing thrilling tournaments. Our mission is to inspire young girls to pursue their passion for sports and create a supportive community that encourages their growth and success.

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