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Sheila blames escapades with Tatiana on the alcohol – “It was nothing sexual”



Kenya’s Sheila Kwamboka says she did not get touchy with fellow female housemate Taitana while in the Big Brother All Stars house. In a telephone conversation with the Big Brother Star, who came fifth in the competition, she commented: “I don’t think we really got touchy. It was more like just having fun. We were in party mood and after a couple of drinks we got loose; not loose like we wanted to sleep with each other or anything. It was nothing sexual, we were just having fun”.

According to Sheila, she wasn’t sad at all when she was announced as the first finalist to be evicted, hence losing out on the $200,000 booty. “I’m not sad; I am happy that a friend of mine won the money. It was fair competition and he won. I achieved at least top five, I was in the finale and I am happy. It was a great experience”.

She described Uti, the grand winner of Big Brother All Stars, as a good friend that she has known for two years. She added that Uti is a cool guy and they understand each other very well. Sheila also admitted the possibility of going into a long term relationship with Uti, saying that they would first have to date and interact more. “All I want to say is that, like we sad in the house, we have a lot of things to talk about. It’s a dicey situation but we are first and foremost friends, so we have to talk privately about our future together before we talk about it publicly.”

Sheila described most of the personal relationships that developed in the Big Brother house as a result of the housemate’s vulnerability to the situations in the house. According to her, she was just not interested in having personal relation with Hannington. “When I had the encounter with Hannington, I let him know that it wasn’t going anywhere because I didn’t want anything to do with him.  I didn’t look at him as a relationship that I want so we both had an adult conversation about it and we were both on the same page. Whatever Tatiana and Hennington have or had is their business. There was no love web between me, Hannington, Uti and Tatiana”.

According to the fun-loving Sheila, although she had lots of fun in the barn, she really missed the Big Brother All Stars house because the people she was closest to were still in the House. She added that she had a lot of memorable highlights in the reality TV show but recounted being voted back into the house from the barn as one of her biggest highlights. “I was humbled that the viewers wanted to see more of me. For me it was one of my biggest achievements in the game.”

She also commented that she had learnt a lot from the Big Brother experience in the 91 days, and she felt like she had been interviewing for 60 million different jobs during the period. According to Sheila, she went into the competition knowing that she had a second chance to show people exactly who she is and in he process, she also discovered the similarities amongst Africans.

“I discovered that we have similar problems that resonate amongst most African countries, if not all. One of them has to do with how women are treated and how they treat one another. We decided to start a sisterhood forum where women can come together to support each other instead of being their own enemies. It’s not wrong to support each other as women; it’s not wrong to say congratulations for getting that job instead of saying someone slept with someone to get her job. We have to find common grounds where we can be friends and help each other grow as women in Africa”, she commented.

On life after Big Brother All Stars, Sheila hinted that she is going to spend more time working on her music and come out with her first single. She also says that she would love to explore working in radio, TV and acting. “The sky is the limit; I am not limiting myself in anyway. Like I said have been auditioning for the past 91 days for about 60 million jobs in Africa and I am going out there to grab them.”