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Shopping for the Ameyaw TV end of year Party! Where to get best value for consumers this Christmas



Where to get best value for consumers this Christmas Where to get best value for consumers this Christmas[/caption] The Christmas season is undoubtedly the biggest shopping season in Ghana! While many people use the period to shop for gifts for friends, family and loved-ones, many shops also use the period to give out special discount offers to the public. So what are you getting your household or that special person, who has been good to you for Christmas all year round, for Christmas? Well with just few days to Christmas, my team and I moved around Accra a bit to get items for our Ameyaw TV end of year party for staff. We wanted to get some essential stuff for our party without breaking our wallets, since we didn’t make any profit this year. With 12 days to Christmas we compared prices in 3 key retail stores in Accra to find the best value for consumers this Christmas? We found interesting price ranges as follows for the key items we needed for our party: Savanna Dry Cider (330ML 24) goes for Ghc3.99 at Melcom, Ghc4.99 at Shoprite and Ghc4.49 at Game. Black Label 1lit at gh144.99 at Melcom, Gh 169.99 at shoprite, Gh 146.99 at Game… GUINNESS STOUT ALC 330ML at Gh2.99 at Melcom, gh4.99 at shoprite , 90gh for 24 pcs at Game ( Gh3.75 each). Royal Aroma Vietnam rice 5 kg –GH 27.99 @ Melcom , gh37.99 at Shoprite, gh34.99 at game… Gino Tomato Paste (210G) goes for Ghc 2.49 at Melcom, GHc3.39 at Shoprite and Ghc2.99 at Game. Club Lager Premium Mini Beer (330ML) goes for Ghc3.29 at Melcom, Ghc3.49 at Shoprite and Ghc 82 for 24 pcs at Game (Gh3.41 each) Frytol Vegetable Cooking Oil (5L) goes for Ghc33.99 at Melcom, Ghc49.99 at ShopRite and Ghc39.99 at Game. Beta Malt Drink (Pet Bottle 330ml) goes for Ghc 1.99 at Melcom, Ghc2.29 at Shoprite and Ghc2.39 at Game. Baileys Irish Cream (1L) goes for Ghc 84.99 at Melcom, Ghc 89.99 at Shoprite and Ghc 86.99 at Game. Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky (1L) goes for Ghc 78.99 at Melcom, Ghc92.99 at Shoprite and Ghc 81.99 at Game Mcvities Digestive (500G) goes for GHc10.99 at Melcom, Ghc15.99 at Shoprite and, Ghc13.99.Exeter Corned Beef (340G) goes for Ghc 11.79 at Melcom, Ghc 11.99 at Shoprite, Ghc13.99 at Game. Gino Tomato Paste (210G) goes for ghc 2.49at Melcom, Ghc3.39 at Shoprite and Ghc2.99 at Game. So there you have it! This is how much our party with simple corned beef jollof would cost; if you get an invite do pass through! And whether you would shopping for gifts for your neighbor or shopping to host that scrumptious family dinner this Christmas, we hope our little price checks will guide you! Happy Christmas shopping]]>