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Shopping made easy and convenient! Ghanaian online marketplace, Shopnaw launched



Shopnaw, a 3-sided marketplace with all your favourites supermarkets, grocery, restaurants, pharmacy, local markets, electronic, fashion, and beauty on a single platform, has ben launched in Accra.

Shopnaw comes with top-notch technology that provides on-demand delivery service trackable in real-time.

Shopnaw manages its platform by working closely with your favourite retailers and trusted brands to keep up with your shopping standards. On Shopnaw, you can find the right items, at the right price, and at your favourite shop without stress. Discover all the ways to save time & money. Find competitive prices, deals from stores and product on Shopnaw delivered to your desired location within the next hour.

Benjamin Osei Asante, Founder & CEO of Shopnaw commented at the launch that, “The e-commerce industry has had its successes and challenges over the period but in the midst of all these, the industry continues to blossom because of the many undoubted benefits it delivers to users. As an I.T professional and a marketing-oriented person, I believe that technology brings solutions to our everyday problems in diverse ways; making life simpler and more convenient for humanity. By this, Shopnaw has come in a strategic moment in our dispensation where the use of technology has become very imperative to meet the dynamic preferences of consumers.”

Shopnaw customers comprise of buyers, sellers and delivery partners with distinct applications specifically for each of them on the platform, which also assist them to interact with each other effectively. Shopnaw has the Seller App, Customer App and the Delivery App. All these are available on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (IOS).

“One unique experience we are bringing to Ghanaians is that you can use Shopnaw to buy from the local markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacy and restaurants across the region. This means that our customers do not need to hustle about their daily shopping, our mothers in the local markets and other vendors will have enough traction. All we are saying is that, spend your precious time on the things that matter most, while Shopnaw takes care of your shopping for you,” Mr. Asante expalined.

Shopnaw positions itself as the delightful solution for people with a busy lifestyle; the working class, working moms, students, web-savvy decision-makers, young professionals, the active youth, expatriates, e-commerce fanatics and business owners.