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Should I buy a car for the transportation of my staff?



Should I buy a car for the transportation of my staff?

As we started 2022, I told my team at Ameyaw Debrah Media that I would review their salaries by mid-year because I had seen a lot of improvement in the quality of the work.  But before leaving town for Coachella in April, the team called me for an emergency meeting to raise a few concerns before I left.

At the core of their concerns was the impact of rising food and fuel prices on the cost of moving from their homes to the office to work. Due to the compounding impact of COVID-19 and the new realities of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, fuel prices had changed more than five times in the past two months.

In May 2022 Blomberg reported that surging food and fuel prices are adding to inflation pressures across Africa. In Ghana, the headline figure hit an 18-year-high despite measures aimed at taming prices.

So when the team raised concerns about the review of salaries, earlier than I had scheduled, I understood them perfectly. I effectively raised their salaries to give them a little buffer until things were a lot more stable.


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Today, daily commutes to work can be challenging for most employees living far from work. It has become stressful, daunting, and costly! I see some of my team members arrive to work exhausted on a daily, which directly leads to a decrease in productivity and performance.

This has led me to explore the possibilities of buying used cars for the purpose of transportation for staff. I believe that staff transportation is necessary and not a luxury because it can ultimately have a positive impact on business productivity, employee morale, and company performance.

But what kind of vehicle would work best for me in this instance? What can I afford for this purpose and what would be the other cost implications of having such a vehicle? How can we run a vehicle for staff in a cost-effective manner?


Being able to calculate the price of a used cars in phoenix that fits a monthly payment or loan payment amounts, and printable amortization schedules make it easier to decide on what would work best for me.

2022 Kia Forte

Since the high cost of fuel has led me to explore getting a car to use as the transport for staff, it would only make sense if the car I purchase has a low fuel consumption rate.  After calculating what would be a reasonable fuel budget, the Kia Forte comes in as a good option. It is especially good on the highway, with an EPA estimated at 41 mpg. The base price is $20,115 with an EPA total range of 490 miles, and a 147 horsepower.

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Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa

Another car that got my attention is the Nissan Versa which starts at a wallet-friendly price of $19,615. Looking at the reasons for wanting a new car, I think the latter is more cost-effective. The Nissan Versa will surely serve the following purposes:

Employee Punctuality

With a dedicated car for staff, I have some assurance that they will work on time. I hope this will give the team a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm.



Staff can find ways to reduce their transportation costs and all the reimbursements I have to do from Uber or Bolt fares when they go on assignments will also reduce. I will have better control over travel expenses that involve work.

Company Reputation

Imagine what an Ameyaw Debrah Media branded vehicle can do for company’s reputation whenever my team arrives at a location for an assignment.


With all these potential benefits of getting a vehicle for team Ameyaw Debrah Media, I guess the only thing left to do is to crunch the numbers with the finance department to see what we can come up with.

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  1. PoultryABC

    June 14, 2022 at 11:08 am

    Staff motivation should always be prioritized. They chose to work for your media and not any other. If they deserve it, give it to them.

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