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Signal teams up with multi-platinum producer, Anno Domini



Signal jumps on an adventurous and frenetic beat from platinum-selling producer Adrian Boeckeler, popularly known as Anno Domini on his second song for 2021. He titles this one “Best Rapper Alive.” A popular theme for most rappers around the world, but it’s obvious Signal embodied it.

Adrian Boeckeler has worked with many top-notch and burgeoning acts in hip-hop such as the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wu-tang, Tech N9ne, Rick Ross, Kool G Rap, Royce da 5’9, D12, among other titans in hip-hop.
Signal angrily attacked the beat with no room for flaws. He spoke about his international strides in the open line: “GH Boy with streams from Guatemala…”

The song is characterized by very complex rhyme schemes and heavy punchlines. Notable of them is a 69 wordplay. “I may be cocky but my tongue gifted like Tekashi, The way I 69, I’m breaking yo bitch’ spine…”

The author further emotionally touches on his resentment towards his father’s dejection at birth and ended up making him proud of his academic and creative skillset.

In a nutshell, “Best Rapper Alive” is a true hip-hop staple; as it got it all– rhythmic flow, punchlines, multi-syllable rhyme scheme, charisma, pun and bars.

Download the song here:


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