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Sildenafil – A complete online treatment for ED patients



In today’s fast-paced world, with the information age being at its peak, people are looking for more online-based solutions. This isn’t just for commercial purposes though, as people look to the internet for services and goods that affect almost every aspect of their lives. 

This is not just because of the convenience offered by e-commerce, but also because of the privacy that it maintains in the process. There are fewer people who could benefit more from this convenience and privacy factor than ED patients, and pharmacies recognize this fact which is why they have moved entire ED treatments online.

We will be discussing one of these treatments, namely Sildenafil. In addition to discussing what Sildenafil is, we will also walk you through the logistics of how you can avail such services and look at the privacy factor a bit more in-depth.

Remember, the below is only for informational purposes and if you’d like expert advice on ED treatments, visit


Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra. They both contain the same active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, and they both work in the same exact way. You’re just paying a lot less for the generic version because Sildenafil manufacturers don’t need to worry about the marketing and branding costs of manufacturing a world-famous brand name drug. Where you get a month’s supply of Sildenafil for £25, you would be getting five pills of Viagra.

Just as you do with viagra, you take Sildenafil one hour before you plan on having sex. It stays in the system for four hours, but it won’t sustain the erection for four hours straight and it won’t automatically happen. You need to be genuinely sexually aroused in order for Sildenafil to do its job. Otherwise, you’ll just have slightly elevated blood pressure for four hours.


Online pharmacies usually have a procedure where you need to consult with a trained and regulated clinician before you’re sent your pills. This is similar to you going to see a doctor for a prescription, only this time it’s with a trained clinician and its online. The reason is to assess your medical history and ensure that taking Sildenafil wouldn’t have an adverse reaction to you.

Once the formalities are complete, your medication is sent to you on the following working day through the mail. You don’t need to worry because most reputable online pharmacies would use discreet packaging that is small enough to fit through your letterbox. This ensures nobody in the entire delivery chain ever becomes aware of what you’ve ordered.


We all know the convenience that e-commerce offers so let’s not waste a lot of time discussing that. What’s relevant here to someone suffering from ED is the level of privacy that such a service would afford. Your only direct interaction with another human being would be consultation with the clinician. Otherwise, your privacy remains intact throughout.

This can go a long way because someone suffering from ED has a hard time as it is and even a task as simple as asking their pharmacist for their medicine can be a huge burden. Services like these remove the need to face any undue stigma or judgments.


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