Sister of Christabel Ekeh explains the actress’s trending photos…listen and see if it makes sense


While in Zanzibar, I monitored how actress, Christabel Ekeh was trending for posting nude photos of herself on her Instagram and deleting them later. To be honest, when I finally saw the pictures I was disappointed in the quality, I think it could have been presented in a nicer manner. And why did Ghanaians make it seem like she was so naked? SMH…anyway, a lady claiming to be her sister has tried to explain why Christabel took and posted those photos!

Tabitha Ekeh says she sees her sister as someone in her right senses who has done a good job and needs to be applauded. Speaking on Peace FM Saturday afternoon, Tabitha disclosed that Christabel Ekeh who is currently out of the country would explain herself at the right time because all the pictures Ghanaians are seeing on social media were captured for a good purpose.

She went on to give reactions of her family when they first saw the pictures. Listen to Tabitha Ekeh making comments on her sister’s nude pictures, which have got the whole country talking.

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