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Six unique facts about marijuana that you may not have known



Once vilified and termed as the “devil’s lettuce”, the marijuana plant has now become a widely accepted substance. After being legalized in several US states, the apprehension surrounding marijuana lifted a great deal and people began to acknowledge the recreational and medicinal benefits that it has. People also discovered the merits of compounds like CBD, which is available in marijuana plants. 

However, a large section of the public is still not aware of the features of marijuana and hence, they continue to see it as something that is to be feared and kept away from. 

That’s why we’ve made a list of six interesting and educational facts about marijuana which will give you a whole new view of it. 

Cancer cure – 

Yes, you definitely read that right! In some recent studies, scientists have found that compounds found in marijuana like THC and CBD, were able to reduce the growth rate of and even kill cancerous cells, which were being grown in lab dishes. However, more research and tests need to be conducted before we can rejoice. But marijuana is already known to soothe nausea, vomiting, and other painful symptoms in cancer patients which is why it is used in many chemotherapies and pain-relief programs. Each different strain can help you with one of these specific problems. But remember, whether you are buying the finished product or only the cannabis seeds make sure it’s from a reputable source.

Bongs: A unique filtration device – 

One of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana is through bongs, like the ones we find in the Weed Republic. But using these water pipes has a great advantage, which you may not have known. These water pipes help filter out the tar present in the marijuana smoke and prevent it from entering into your lungs. Certain studies have also shown that the water present in bongs helps trap a large percentage of the toxins, namely cytotoxins that are present in tobacco. 

Impossible to overdose – 

Contrary to people’s belief, it is actually physically impossible to fatally overdose on marijuana. Research and studies have shown that in order to overdose, an individual needs to consume almost 1500 pounds of marijuana within 15 minutes! It’s safe to say that accomplishing this task is unthinkable, even if you’re the most accomplished smoker in the world. Thus, it’s plain to see that the risks involved with marijuana are much lesser. Using raw cone wraps makes it easy and more enjoyable. 

A cosmetic powerhouse – 

Cannabis is a hidden treasure trove of goodness, especially for cosmetic purposes. Cannabis compounds like CBD are known to lead to better hair growth and make it healthier, shinier, and voluminous. Even acids like Gamma-linoleic acid that is present in hemp, are known to reduce scalp itchiness. CBD is also said to reduce acne and prevent pores from getting clogged. It reduces inflammation and gives skin a healthy natural glow as well. 

An age-old anaesthetic – 

Historians have discovered that during the days of yore, marijuana was widely used as an anaesthetic during operations, due to its pain-relieving, anxiety-reducing properties. The usage of marijuana in medical procedures was perhaps most prevalent in Asian countries like China. In fact, the Chinese word for anaesthetic is “mazui”, which used to refer to the consumption of marijuana. It seems that we’ve now come full circle since cannabis is once again being used in medical and therapeutic procedures to alleviate pain and discomfort. 

An interesting new industry – 

Ever since the legalization of marijuana, the weed industry has grown in leaps and bounds and has led to the creation of numerous employment opportunities. There are several new job opportunities like that of budtenders, farmers, extractors, and more. People can work in dispensaries, cosmetic factories, and more. There are courses available as well, which individuals can apply for and take to join this industry. Through these steps, the stigma surrounding cannabis is lifting which is surely a good thing.