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The slayers and the stunners…more FAB looks from the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards


The slayers and the stunners…more FAB looks from the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards

ghana-movie-awards-2016-red-carpetHere is my final red carpet post from the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards..or is it?

Well since the fashion was one of my biggest highlights of last night, I have to keep it flowing. This time check out what the likes of Vimbai, Nana Akua Addo, Nana Ama McBrown, Luckie Lawson and more wore to the event.

Who are the slayers and well, do you spot and misses?nana-akua-addo

2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets1 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets2 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets3 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets4 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets5 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets6 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets7 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets8 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets9 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets10 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets11 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets12 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets13 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets14 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets15 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets16 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets17 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets18 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets19 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets22 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets23 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets24 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets25 2016-ghana-movie-awards-red-carpets26

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