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Slots with High Vs Low Volatility



The slots industry is filled with terminology, and if you are new to playing slots it might be a bit scary. Some players prefer to just go ahead and play, even if they know nothing about high RTP slots. However, if you are serious about actually winning at online slots, you might want to consider doing some research.

The word volatility is one of the words that often come up when people talk about slots. You will often hear that you should choose low volatility slots over high volatility slots. But why? What makes low volatility slots so special? If this is a question you have been battling with, then you will find this article very helpful.

What is Slot Volatility?

In general, the term volatile means to be unpredictable. When it comes to slots, it refers to the level of risk players take on when playing any particular slot. It describes how often players can expect to win during their slot sessions. While some slots can go for very long times without paying out anything or pay out a large number of astounding wins in a very short period, others pay out smaller amounts much more frequently. But which is which?

Low Volatility Slots

Slots with low volatility essentially involve less risk. This means that the payouts are smaller and more frequent. You can expect a win after every few spins. While bigger wins are not impossible, they are just much rarer in these types of slots. Regardless, big wins on low volatility slots are very small in comparison to wins from high volatility slots.

High Volatility Slots

On the other hand, high volatility slots involve higher risk. This is because the wins are normally astronomical, but less frequent and “regular”. There can be long dry spells or two millionaires in one day, you never know. High volatility slots are more suited for players with bigger budgets. You could spend a lot of money playing them and have no wins to show for it. Other times you could strike it rich on the very first spin.

When to Play Which Slot

When it comes to slots, there is no rule stating that you have to play one type of slots only. You can switch between the two as you wish. Both have their perks. High volatility slot games are more suitable for players with a lot of cash to spend on gambling. It also takes a lot of patience as you will see your balance decrease with every spin and not win anything. These are also perfect for players who are in it for the rush. High volatility slots will have you on the edge of your seat, as any win could make you a millionaire. Similarly, high volatility slots are also perfect for players who play for the money, as they ensure the biggest payouts slots can give.

Low volatility slots are best suited to players who have relatively small budgets and who cannot afford to take on a lot of risks. Players with small budgets would only be able to spin the reels a few times before they empty their accounts. If you are hoping to make money from slots regularly, slots with low volatility are best suited to you.



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