Social Media Advertising Statistics And Trends – are Ghanaian companies missing out?


Smart advertisers are turning their attention to social media these days – How much money should your company devote to social media advertising though? That really depends on your comfort level. The Infographic below shares what other companies are doing right now and how they’re divvying up the budget. You should really start thinking about this now so you don’t need to race to catch up later.


According to GO-Gulf, businesses are spending quite a bit to promote their products on popular social media sites.

Global social network advertising revenues are projected to double 2012 figures by 2014 – climbing from seven to 14 BILLION. This makes sense as 70% of advertisers are currently devoting at least a small portion of their budget to social networks now.

Are you among the 64% who plan to increase your social media advertising budget this year? Or are okay with being left behind? 
Social Media Advertising - Spending Statistics and Trends

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