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Stacy M. Amewoyi’s MISSING FATHERS Opens Past Wounds To Heal The Future



For a story to warm the hearts of readers the writer must first of all either re-create history or share one that will set a new path for readers, Stacy M. Amewoyi drew the readers’ attention to her ability to do both but with impressive delight in the former.

That has somehow placed her in the category of trendsetters in the writing domain, hence almost all her previous offerings follow a similar pattern of re-visiting history and fetching life out of it for readers, illuminating the dark spots in the hearts of many people around the world, and opening a fresh page for dialogue on several almost forgotten occurrences. Also aligning with the old proverbial words that read – “One can only brighten the future when strength is gathered to make peace with the past-” her new novel embodies this entire element in coming to terms with history for the sake of the future. The Missing Fathers, as she christens the novel, which she divides into three separate parts so to capture the entirety of the history surrounding the events that took place, draws from the garden of parenthood.

History shouldn’t be made to fade, as many have come to terms with revisiting past stories to bring life to the future. Stacy M. Amewoyi walks readers straight into Ghana’s history that begins from the country’s first president Dr Kwame Nkrumah, his shortfalls in ruling the country he rescued from the hands of the colonial masters to his success story. The deportation of Nigerians during his era, later becomes a bitter pill to swallow because Ghana was paid in full, creating a back and forth story of payback. Ghana deported Nigerians, and several years, Nigerians did same to Ghana, and the story continues, bringing the popular “Ghana Must Go” into play. If only most of the leaders at that time only knew their actions of deportations will cause more children to become fatherless or in a broader sense, parentless, they would have stopped relent their actions.

Missing Fathers didn’t only focus on the negatives and painful wounds of the 80s, the golden “oil” season in the history of Nigeria which fetched the country the nickname “The Giant of Africa,” making Nigeria so attractive as the hub for quick business for multinational companies creating employment opportunities in other sectors. Nigeria became almost the sole destination for other Africans to make money in jobs like teaching, masonry, and more. More father figures either left their wards behind in their own country or Nigeria when they set out for greener pastures.


Stacy then explores the possibility of wards seeking closure by setting upon a journey to find their lost family members, mostly in Africa. The story of an Australian doctor who travelled back to Ghana in search of her biological parents brings a lot of emotions into play in the novel two, she was adopted. After coming back, she found her mother and a few of her siblings, but her biological father wasn’t available, the story tells how she is left in the perplexity of not knowing whether is dead or alive. Thanks to advanced science, a lot of the people who wanted to find their roots now uses DNA tracking (testing), however, the problems rises when their relatives can’t be located.

Walking through statistics of children from Africa, Asia, Europe and other parts of the globe who become venerable because of their parents weren’t available, Missing Fathers renders one speechless.

The entire novel from beginning to the end opens past wounds that will take a lot of boldness to face, but if faced well, can provide the needed relief into the future. The Missing Fathers novel will be available on many digital distribution platforms, get yours now!

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