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Star beer wins gold for a second time at the Monde Selection Awards



Star Beer produced by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) has for the second consecutive year been awarded a Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection, as Ghana’s best-tasting beer in 2017 for its superior taste and quality. Monde Selection, founded in 1961 with a unique expertise to test and analyze consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award evaluates competing products are through specialist jury tasting after which scores are added up, averaged and awarded with a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold quality award. For managers of the brand, being accorded such a prestigious honour by the Monde Selection team is a testament of the immense effort being put into the beer-making process to offer Ghanaians refined and excellent taste all times. Schemmer Carsten, the Marketing Manager of Star beer at GGBL, believes the positive feedback from the public and other stakeholders in the brewery industry is an affirmation of Star beer’s consistency in taste and quality which has been confirmed also in blind tastings in bars and pubs across Ghana. This award is also a confirmation of the quality that comes from Ghana, with our quality in food, music, and beer. Commenting on this feat achieved by Star beer, the Marketing Manager says “For us, it is a top priority to ensure that we continually offer our consumers and the beer-drinking public in general a certain level of quality unmatched in Ghana.” According to Carsten “It is not for nothing that the Monde Selection Awards team will pick Star beer over all others to receive such an important award.” “This award tells us that we are doing something right and commendable and thus we will continue to offer Ghanaians the best” he further adds.]]>

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