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Stayplain, a Social Media Platform Built By a Young Ghanaian Student



In the true fact, Ghana has been blessed with new Social Media Genius. Today, I want to talk about one who is treading on the internet being a young Ghanaian Student.  In the year 2015 (UDS WA Campus), this young student started working on a fantastic local Social media application.

Let’s begins,

Israel Acheampong, a brilliant young man who is a graduate of the University for Development Studies (UDS Wa campus) has built a new social media platform called Stayplain.

Israel revealed, the birth of the social media platform has been a dream he has had for years. It has been his dream to achieve the feat for years since he was still a student in UDS.


According to him, he is putting everything together to make sure that Stayplain becomes the most advanced platform, overtaking other social media platforms that have been fully established among young people.

He said “The dream started when I was still a student at UDS in 2015. I had a strong desire to develop a social media application. It took me six years to be able to come up with it and I was able to do that in December 12th, 2021 by the help of my family and friends. Stayplain – An Ultra- Modern Social Network! Connect with your loved ones in a whole new way! Let you share text message, post picture, upload short funny/motivational video & audio/music within one platform. It is also the new way to communicate with friends and family and serves as the most advanced and innovative social media platform.”

The App serves different purposes such as users sharing their thoughts, expressing their emotions, or promoting their products and service.

Users of the App can also share content which includes text, images, and videos. The content can be in the form of updates from people’s lives, essays, or reports on an event.


Let’s see some Unique Features about Stayplain

  • Invite Tab: This Stayplain features let you copy invitation link, share with your friends and family on other social media platforms or through SMS (text message) to join.
  • Members Tab: This allows user to add friend using target location and gender (Male or Female) only.
  • Audio/Music Tab – It allows you to upload, promote and listen to your favorite tunes/music for free. With Stayplain, you can play all of your music or podcast with the touch of a button.
  • Video Tab: Go on an adventure. With Stayplain, it helps you share your favourite videos with friends and family without the need of subscription. Stayplain App is a great way to get entertained without having to check your phone constantly. With a library of more videos, Stayplain has everything you need to keep entertained.
  • Events Tab: Ability to host events for free.
  • Questions Tab: Allow students to ask questions or to solve assignment/homework.
  • Poll Tab: Allows you to conduct research for free.
  • Yenni Dwa/Market Hubs: Allow you to reach prospects, sell your products and services.
  • Job Tab: Allow recruiters to post jobs and for job seekers to search for jobs/work.
  • Fantastic Audio Record Tab: Allow users to record their posts and comments without typing etc.

Simple and effective, Stayplain app is perfect for any type of lifestyle. Let’s support our own to make it great and I know a time will come, Stayplain may create more employment opportunities for Ghanaian and Africans. I urge all Dignitaries/Authorities, Agencies Bloggers, Musicians and others to talk about Stayplain. Let’s make it grow.  Sharing is caring.

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