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Singer, Songwriter and performer, Stephanie Benson has spoken about her see-through dress she wore to the MUSIGA Honours over the weekend, revealing that the dress was the choice of her husband Speaking on Hitz FM, Stephanie expressed shock at why people are making a big deal out of a mere dress she wore for an award event. According to her, she see absolutely nothing wrong with her dress because she loved every bit of it adding that her husband approved it. “It wasn’t a naked dress! It is a very beautiful dress that I love and my husband love it. I love dressing up and I love every kind of outfit. “Whether I was wearing an underwear or not, should matter” Stephanie added she had four different dresses to choose from and her husband chose that one. “I had like four different dresses that I was considering and my husband chose that one. I took a picture and sent it to him and he said Oh Yes wear that one”. Benson said her husband couldn’t attend the event with her because he is currently in London.]]>