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Stephanie Benson’s Bold 56th Birthday Shoot sparks controversy



Ghanaian musician, Stephanie Benson, celebrated her 56th birthday on August 16 in a manner that left her followers surprised and intrigued.

The UK-based singer took to Instagram to share a sultry video that has ignited mixed reactions from the public.

In the eye-catching video, Stephanie Benson exudes confidence as she posed in a unique and unconventional way. The video reveals her adorned with flower petals, oiled skin, and strategically placed chocolates. Her daring pose and choice of accessories have undoubtedly sparked conversations among her fans and the wider public.


With a desire to offer a glimpse into her personal life, Stephanie’s video illustrates how she planned to spend her special day with her husband. By incorporating flower petals, oils, and chocolates, she created a visually striking composition that encapsulates both intimacy and artistry. The image, while provocative, also carries an underlying message about spicing up marital relationships.

In the caption accompanying the post, Stephanie Benson addresses her act as a guide for young single women who aspire to bring vibrancy and novelty to their future marriages. , “It is my birthday, but my husband deserves the Chocolate treat. Wednesday is not finished until I say it is. Akuas another marriage lesson. Pass the word on. Mummy has spoken.”

However, the striking visuals and bold approach have not been without their fair share of controversy. The post has garnered extensive reactions from the online community, ranging from birthday wishes to thought-provoking discussions about body positivity, individual expression, and societal norms.

Some admirers have commended Stephanie for her courage and self-assuredness, praising her for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. On the other hand, critics have voiced concerns over the appropriateness of the images, questioning the societal impact and potential consequences of such displays.


See her post below.

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