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Still Fuming: Guru pokes Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Board

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Still Fuming: Guru pokes Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Board

guruRapper, Guru is not ready to forgive the Board of Ghana Music Awards 2013 for their snub of his hit track, Lapaz Toyota from the 2013 Ghana Music Awards anytime soon. Making an appearance on Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, Guru talked about how peeved he is about the rejection demanding that MUSIGA take steps to stop such unnecessary dismissal in future. “The Ghana Music Awards organizers have got some personal issues with certain artistes. How can the personal attitude of somebody come into the game?,” he asked hostess Dzifaffanie. “I am an artiste and for my song to run for like eight months, I was expecting some sort of recognition.” “I know what it is for your song to be number one and how much it costs. And after all that you come out to tell me ‘you don’t deserve it’ because of your own reason and the whole board will be like ‘ow okay, let us clear Guru out of this game,’ then it is funny.” The hip-life artiste after the Ghana Music Awards Board of nominees revealed their list of nominees found out that his song was conspicuously missing though it massive airplay on Ghanaian airwaves for a very long time even as the number one hit song on charts. Accra based Joy FM DJ and presenter, Nii Ayi Tagoe who was drafted onto the Board this year is reported to have given reasons why Lapaz Toyota was dropped though he did not admit or deny that he is the reason behind the rejection. Guru who seems to have had an earlier confrontation with Nii Ayi Tagoe however insisted that the presenter was the reason behind the snob. “The reason is there was this show that I played, which is the Joy FM Old School reunion. And he turns out to be the official DJ behind the machine and I was like ‘everything about my CD is planned so man, you can’t play, so they should get me my DJ to rock’ and they were like No” he said. “So the moment I stepped on stage, some funny tunes started coming up and they sort of confused me.” “And I was like ‘what is happening’ and the fans were like ‘it is the DJ’ and so they were like away, away,” Guru recounted. “So I confronted the DJ and was like ‘I am sorry for what happened’ but he came out to tell somebody I know that I don’t respect and so because of that he came out to say ‘Guru’s Lapaz Toyota doesn’t deserve to be in this competition.” Though Guru indicated that “I respect the people and the committee for their decision,” he had something for the Board of GMA and MUSIGA for apparently sitting unconcerned for such rejection to be done. “The people taking care of Ghana Music, how can you sit down for this to happen? If you people are fighting for the youth, you should fight for the people trying to do their best and the people who deserve to be there. “You are like my song doesn’t deserve to be in the categories because it was released in 2011. And my record label is telling you that my song was released in the first week of 2012. “So are you telling me the record label that pay taxes, you don’t respect their views or what? He asked rhetorically.” Guru is known on the Ghana music stage for a number of hit tracks including the much popular ‘kasie bo’ with Obrafour.]]>

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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