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Storytime with Mary, a great tool for parents of pre-school children in COVID-19 times and beyond



Storytime with Mary, is a platform that’s dedicated to reaching deep into your preschool children’s imaginations through the love of reading.

Storytime with Mary was born out Mary Koomson’s absolute love and passion for reading to her own two Preschool age children and wanting to share that passion far and wide.

As a full time working mother she knows how hard it is to find time to read a bedtime story to small children and the aim of Storytime with Mary is to take that stress away by reading along with your little ones.

“Research tells us that reading to and with preschool age children helps to stimulate their brains, communication and social skills. The aim of storytime with Mary is to entertain while helping aid development. I hope you and your little ones enjoy reading along with Me,” comments Mary Koomson.