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Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College & Business



Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College & Business Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College & Business[/caption] As an aspiring or proactive student entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that you live one of the most demanding lifestyles there is. Trying to find the balance between creating your business which could define the success that stays with you for the rest of your life, and an essential level of college education is a hard line to create. Although you’re trying to balance your school life and business, your social life and your overall health and wellbeing also need to be taken into account. Here’s everything you need to know about finding that balance. Create a List of Priorities This is more like a life lesson that can help you at all stages of life and learning this skill now can definitely help you in the long term. Creating a list of priorities, where your most important and vital tasks are at the top, and the least important are at the bottom can seriously help you to organise and stay on top of things. Create a Schedule As a student entrepreneur, you’ll have a lot of goals set out that you’ll wish to achieve but, as we all know, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. But, instead of working long and gruelling hours, manage your time well, and you’ll be able to squeeze so much more productivity out of your day. Sam Hawkings, a student starting his own content business on behalf of Academized, says, “Create a daily, weekly or even monthly schedule on how you’re going to manage your days, so you can know, before you even start your day, what it is you’ll be doing and when. Work smart and hard”. Set Yourself Goals Hand in hand with the considerations above, set yourself daily, weekly or even monthly goals that you achieve, with both college and business work. These are the targets that you strive for and can help you stay motivated and on track when it comes to completing work on time and to a high quality. For example, use tools like Easy Word Count to set yourself word targets for both business and college work, so you know you’re getting enough done. Also, websites such as Viawriting and Academadvisor have a great collection of resources you can use for creating and organising your goals. Take Advantage of University Resources There are not many places in this world that will have the same resources as your university does and it could cost you millions to create the same amount for yourself. Since you have access to these resources, make sure that you’re using them. This could include anything from discounted stationary, library access, computers, printers, copiers, scanners and other educational facilities that you can use to boost your career and business, rather than trying to spend too much of your budget doing it yourself. Don’t Go It Alone Since you’re in college, there are a huge amount of people around you from all works of life. This isn’t just in respects to fellow students, but also lectures, teachers and facility members. If you’re looking for advice, help or general feedback about your project, whether it’s college work or business related, you can be sure there is someone that can help. Sarah Marshall, a project manager for Paper fellows, shares, “Delegation is also a key term to remember when managing your business and college work. It’s so much easier to work in a team with other people than it is to go it only, so make sure you learn how to delegate tasks properly, depending on their priority level”. For example, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas on a marketing based idea that you have, why not ask a tutor that deals with marketing courses to see how they can help. Be nice, be polite and always listen to the professional feedback and advice that they give you. Cite It In is a great tool for gathering advice you’ve received from industry professionals. Conclusion As you can see, managing both your college and entrepreneurial lifestyle doesn’t have to be as difficult as it first seems and people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have proved that it’s possible. Just be smart and keep level-headed. Author Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at]]>


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Data-driven Management for the Fitness Industry



Fitness data is transforming the fitness industry by enabling a business to make data-driven decisions and improve their profits. The fitness industry is projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world as individuals turn to fitness to improve their health. Fitness-related devices are very popular, which provides fitness companies with enormous amounts of data they can leverage to offer better service to their clients and optimize their businesses.

Data analytics is an integral part of running a successful fitness business. Analyzing data can provide accurate trajectories of essential data points such as revenue, attrition, membership, and more. Organizations that use customer behavior data to generate insights outperform others in sales growth and gross margins.

Data handling challenges

Unfortunately, many fitness businesses do not yet know how to handle all the data they acquire. This makes the management of data and analysis much more difficult than it needs to be.

Data has to be current, integrated, accessible and detailed to be of any use and this is why using an operational data store (ODS) can offer a solution. The main purpose of an ODS is to query and report on current operational data. The ODS contains operational data from many sources giving end-users a comprehensive, integrated view. As current operational data comes in, previous data is overwritten. Uncomplicated queries on small quantities of data allow for fast responses, more comprehensive operational reports, and more tactical decision-making.

Ways of leveraging fitness data

There are many ways to leverage fitness data in the fitness industry, from boosting productivity and brand awareness to increasing revenue and even creating new revenue schemes.

Find new customers

Marketing efforts can be much more efficient when they are driven by data. Data can help to provide essential insights about potential customers, such as where they live, their ages, interests and where they engage on social media. Fitness businesses can target specific demographics for campaigns, such as people of a certain age who live in the local area, housewives who want to improve their nutrition and fitness, or bodybuilders who want to build muscle.

Deliver unique experiences

Only once fitness businesses have a deep understanding of the health and behavior of their clients can they help them to meet their fitness goals. For instance, if they discover that they want to improve their nutrition, they could find ways to help them fulfill this goal, such as investing in technology to help them track their progress. There is technology that can record what type and quantity of foods they eat and convert this into calories.

Personalize workouts and track progress

With all the fitness trackers and apps available, fitness businesses have access to the activities of individuals around the clock. They can use information like how often and how long people work out, what muscles they contract, and how many calories they burn during a session to personalize workouts.

Trainers can track the progress of individuals according to predetermined goals and make adjustments where necessary to obtain desired results. By warning individuals who exert too much pressure on muscles, they can help to prevent injuries. Mobility workouts can become an integral part of classes and reconnect people to body awareness and correct breathing.

Boost member engagement and retention

With a more comprehensive view of business functions and their current state, it is easier to identify issues as they happen and work on them. It is also possible to offer more personalized experiences, one of the top factors that can persuade members to remain loyal.

Members are often willing to offer their personal data in exchange for personalized offers and discounts. Data such as attendance, equipment usage, purchase transactions etc., can offer insights on how to enhance membership online and offline. Offering more meaningful and personalized experiences makes members feel valued and more likely to keep renewing their membership. Focusing on member needs and behaviors is the best way to increase member retention because experiences can be crafted entirely based on them.

Answer key business questions

Analyzing data can answer descriptive, predictive and prescriptive business questions. Descriptive business analytics give historical perspective by looking back at a point in time. Predictive analytics are directed at understanding the future. Prescriptive analytics are more advanced and look at possible outcomes to try and find the best route to take. By utilizing all these business analytic methods, fitness businesses can find the answers to many different business questions and make the best decisions based on the data.

Predict member churn

Using predictive analytics to identify members who may have a higher risk of churning may involve looking at data such as class attendance data. This may alert attention to the fact that certain members have not attended classes for a while. This gives an opportunity for staff to check in with them and identify any problems or convince them to come back with an offer they can’t refuse.

Stay competitive

Fitness businesses can be very competitive and those that do not use data effectively to produce actionable insights may fall behind. Fitness businesses with access to analytics like attendance predictions, church forecast, and sales need to fully implement their insights if they want to stay competitive and meet consumer needs in the present and the future.

The insights from data can point to business issues and implementation of processes that can save time, resources and money. Without data, they don’t know what new classes their members would like to see on the timetable in the future or any other needs or desires they might have that could contribute to the success of the business.


By integrating fitness analytics into the fitness business, they can stay on top of the competition, gain a complete profile of each member and be able to provide personalized experiences for them that go above and beyond their expectations. This will enhance their brand loyalty and retention, which will improve the businesses’ bottom line. To manage big data and provide actionable insights from it, the use of an operational data store can be a great solution.


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The People’s Pension Trust (PPT) launches Medaakye – a campaign to include Ghanaian Entrepreneurs, Students, Business Men and Women in a digitized Pension Scheme



Medaakye, a pension campaign for the formal and informal sector has been launched by People’s Pension Trust (PPT), a licensed Corporate Trustee regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) that offers innovative, flexible and digitally driven pension products to ensure retirement income security for the Ghanaian worker.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Mr. Saqib Nazir, Chief Executive Officer of PPT, highlighted on the importance of a digitized personal pension scheme for all Ghanaians that can be monitored and automated. The campaign will focus on PPT’s goal of ensuring a decent retirement income security for formal and informal workers for life and also ensuring that our clients can maintain decent livelihoods after retirement, he added.

Medaakye which is Akan for “My future” emboldens Ghanaians to take charge of their future through the PPT Personal Pension Schemes. Designed for entrepreneurs, students, Government workers, business men and women in the country, the uniqueness of the product is the flexibility of subscribers to make voluntary contributions towards their retirement and the ability to monitor pensions real time.

Kofi Eba-Miezah Polley, Chief Operations of PPT described the Medaakye campaign as one that will help formal and informal sector workers from falling back into poverty after they stop working. He explained that the PPT Personal Pension Scheme includes the Easy Pension designed exclusively for Vodafone customers, Retire Right designed exclusively for AirtelTigo customers and Icare – a set up for persons to contribute to the pension of someone they care about, i.e., a third party

Clients can save daily, weekly or monthly, with flexible contribution amounts, using their mobile phone, mobile agent or savings group by dialing the USSD code *789*111*6# with the Medaakye referral code 006 or signing up on the web platform to sign up for a better tomorrow.


Every contribution by a member is divided into two equal parts and credited to the two individual accounts: a General Savings Accounts and a Retirement Account. Members can pay their contribution via the 6,000 mobile agent (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo), and through the dedicated pension portal at


The People Pension Trust is a joint ownership between Ghanaian entrepreneur, Samuel Waterberg and People’s Pension Holding BV based in the Netherlands, incorporated under the Companies Code of Ghana 1963 (Act 179) as a Trustee Company

How can I register with PPT?

Go to and sign up using your phone number.


Dial *789*111*6# and use referral code 006 to register in a simple 2-step process

How can I pay?

On the web portal, Go to payments, input data and pay via momo.

Follow the prompts after dialing *789*111#. Choose auto debit for automated payments

For Vodafone customers, dial *110# and follow prompts for the Easy Pension scheme

For AirtelTigo customers, dial *110# and follow prompts for the Retire Right scheme

Can anyone register?

Yes. Anyone who is between the ages of 15 and 55 years and earns an income can become a member. 

How can I check my account statement?

You can check your account statement by dialing *789*111# and following the prompts.

You can also call the call center on 0302738242 or send an email to

 Will I receive any returns on my contributions?

Yes, the money will be collectively invested, and members receive the returns on the investments.

Can I withdraw my funds?

Yes. Members can withdraw the funds in the savings component of their account 6 months after their initial contribution.

To learn more about People’s Pension Trust please visit:

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Afrobeat Superstar D’banj Set To Attend the AfroZons Dubai Soundoff Safari Desert Party in March 2022



The build-up to the AFROZONS DUBAI SOUND OFF, holding in March of next year is gaining momentum; as Dubai’s Department for Economy and Tourism, DET formerly known as Dubai Tourism, unveils, International Afrobeat superstar, D’banj, popularly known as the Koko Master, as the Official Afrobeat Artist of the AfroZons Dubai Soundoff.


D’banj who has received numerous international awards like the Best International Act (Africa) at the 2011 BET Awards and Best-Selling African Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards has been an Icon for Afrobeat music for over a decade.

Yvonne Orji all smiles

The Koko Master who has been quiet for some time, just released a new album. The new album, named “Stress Free (Chapter 1)” melodically fits into the theme of the Dubai Soundoff; which is basically an avenue for Afrobeat lovers around the world to have a stress-free time while experiencing the greatness of Dubai.

The official website for the Soundoff is The website hosts further information on the ways to join D’Banj, Radio Hosts and Celebrities at the Dubai Soundoff. It gives you information on the discounted travel packages and how to stand a chance to win a trip giveaway. The winners will receive flight tickets for two, hotel accommodation, feeding, special tours, airport transfers, and visa’s (where necessary), to attend the AfroZons Dubai Soundoff in March 2022.

Dbanj with Issam Kazim and Yvonne Orji

Visit the website for more information.

How to win

Issam Kazim, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), Hosts of the AfroZons Dubai Soundoff, had this to say:“The Afrozons Dubai Soundoff has received incredible feedback across all markets since its launch. We are very proud of what has been accomplished until this day and the partnership between DET, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and our partner Afrozons has proven to be very successful. Therefore, we are excited to announce another milestone in the Soundoff, which is having D’Banj join us as the lead musician for this incredible project. We are convinced that his energy and positive attitude are a great fit for our brand and that he will take this project to the next level. Finally, we are thankful to having D’Banj aboard for this journey and we are certain that we can create an outstanding and memorable event together in Dubai early 2022.”

Anthony Anderson joins the fun

D’Banj had this to say about the partnership: I have always said content is the new Crude Oil and it takes people to create content. This is why I love what the Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and AfroZons are doing here. After the global Covid 19 pandemic people and economies are trying to bounce back, stress free. The AfroZons Dubai Soundoff drives that purpose by bringing people together in a stress free environment.

I am excited to be part of this project and look forward to the many ways we can make the Dubai Soundoff a massive success.


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Ghanaians reveal some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received



Ghanaians reveal some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received

Getting the right gift for a loved one can be quite a chore regardless of the occasion. Sometimes you want to just get something for them to know you care and appreciate them, and sometimes you really want to give them something that they truly need. (more…)

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Hair transplant in Istanbul – More than a Procedure



There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. However, Medhair clinic is the name most preferred by hair transplant patients.

Alopecia patients have a new hope: Even if they don’t have a large fortune, they can afford a professional hair transplant in the future. If the prices are high for them in their clinics in Europe, America, and especially in Arab states, they prefer hair transplant Istanbul. Affordable prices, impeccable quality, and a vacation-like stay – Turkey makes the impossible possible.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Medhair Clinic

There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. But all of them automatically choose Medhair Clinic.

Only the surgeon is worth recommending. For more than X years, Medhair Clinic has been deemed worthy of successful awards in aesthetic hair surgery, not only in Turkey but also in many countries. The word of the wealth of experience has long reached beyond the borders of the country. Anyone who has already performed thousands of interventions should understand their craft. The high success rate can only confirm this. The motto of the innovative clinic, almost every graft is healthy hair exactly because almost all of the hair transplanted with a success rate of 99% is exactly where it belongs.

The impressive success rate of almost 100% has a huge impact on its appearance as a hair transplant turkey. Because the more grafts are transplanted into the scalp, the more intense, fresh, and strong the result will be. In Turkey, most patients do not have a trace of baldness after hair transplantation. Baldness and receding hairlines are no longer a problem.

Medhair Clinic in Istanbul attracts the attention of not only alopecia patients but also medical juries. It took its place in the rankings among many hair transplant clinics in Europe. Medhair Clinic is the address of a dedicated team and successful results.

Quality, Affordable Prices, and Great Results

In addition to the stunning natural results and the impressive quality standards of the leading clinic, the price is also convincing. Compared to reputable clinics in Europe and the United States, hair loss patients Medhair Clinic usually costs up to 70% less. The main reason for the strikingly low costs is the standard of living in Turkey. From travel to real estate to grocery shopping, there’s more for less here. Medical services such as hair transplantation are not excluded. They are also much cheaper than many countries in Europe.


Another good reason for the low prices is all-inclusive packages from leading Turkish clinics. Medhair Clinic, for example, offers its patients comfortable general packages that have thought of everything that matters. Whether it’s a transfer from the airport or an overnight stay in an elegant star hotel, laser treatment, free hair analysis, the versatile carefree package leaves nothing to be desired by the patient.


Medhair Clinical Expertise – The Most Modern Methods

If anyone is interested in medical advances, it’s Medhair Clinic. Expert teams work passionately on the latest transplantation techniques and integrate them into the clinic’s repertoire, using only the best for their patients.

Saphir FUE hair transplant is very popular. Thanks to its ultra-thin sapphire blade, it is even more sensitive and careful about hair transplantation. The same is true for DHI hair transplantation. Here the extraction and cultivation take place in almost one step. The shorter the grafts from the natural nutrient source during the surgical procedure, the sooner encapsulated. And the shorter their connections, the better their chances of survival.

When it comes to anesthesia, the modern clinic primarily uses soft anesthesia. Not only is this painless, but the patient also remains fully conscious. Reading, watching TV, talking, going to the toilet – it’s all okay. Soft anesthesia gives him the maximum possible flexibility.

All in One Medhair Clinical Benefits

Is there a hair transplant turkey Istanbul clinic that brings together everything that matters? There is. Medhair clinical sets a good example. The highly acclaimed hair transplant center in the middle of beautiful Istanbul meets the demands of every patient. Providing comfortable accommodation close to the clinic, expert advice before the procedure, a reliable service, a modern environment, or a fair bill with no hidden costs, the Turkish hair transplant clinic brings the dream of fuller hair easily, quickly, and cheaply. True. Numerous reviews and before and after hair transplant pictures are the best proof of

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Christmas Gifts: The Best Way to Surprise Your Loved Ones



Little by little, we are approaching some very special dates for everyone. We are talking about Christmas, the day that is traditionally meant to be with family, but sometimes it is not possible. It’s also a day of great surprises and gifts, but how can you surprise those loved ones, friends, or family who are thousands of miles away? It turns out the answer to this is simple, and we’ve found the solution for you: Gift Baskets Overseas.

Gift Baskets Overseas is a company that has specialized in the delivery of high-quality gifts in more than 200 different countries. Thanks to them, surprising your friends, family, VIPs next door and around the world is easy.

Why send gifts at Christmas?

While any time of the year is good to surprise those you love, Christmas has something special that makes it just a little bit different. We all like to receive gifts, no matter how small. Being far away from those you love shouldn’t stop you from being able to send your well wishes in the form of a thoughtful Christmas Gift. It is a way of indicating that they have remembered us and that they care.

Best of all, the gift market today is enormous, and you can find an almost endless amount of items to give away. The trouble is making sure that what you buy actually gets to your recipient! If you are interested in seeing exactly how easy it can be to send gifts, we invite you to click here to discover many Christmas gift options that can be sent anywhere in the world.

What are great gifts for Christmas?

As we’ve stated earlier in this article, there are many options to give at Christmas, but we want to make sure we get it right for you. Let’s look below at some options to choose from when it comes to surprising those in your heart this holiday season.

Typical Christmas Sweets

Amongst the options that we can highlight, we most certainly cannot forget sweets and chocolate. Who doesn’t like a decadent piece of chocolate or decadent treat to help put them into the holiday spirit? Just imagine opening your front door to discover a basket overflowing with tasty morsels of rich chocolate, perfect for Christmas. Each bite is sure to put a little extra love in your heart and joy in your soul.

Fruit Baskets for Christmas

If you’re looking for something more on the healthier side, perhaps consider a basket made up of different types of seasonal fruit, as well as savory nuts. The combination of sweet fruits and salty snacks is a gift that is increasingly in demand as people add more healthy food options to their snacks.

Wine for Holidays and Special Celebrations

If food isn’t a good gift for your intended recipient, why not consider a bottle of wine with which to accompany special meals or dinners during the holidays? A good wine can leave a long-lasting impression. If they aren’t ready for it when it arrives, they can enjoy it later.  You can always add something a little sweet in the way of chocolates to create a truly decadent experience.

Classic Decorations for the Christmas Season

If you don’t like the idea of sending food, or you want to send something that makes more of a lasting impression, try picking out some holiday decor. You can go with a classic Christmas Ornament that they can use for years to come. Or try sending an elegant centerpiece consisting of a candle and flower arrangements in seasonal colors of red, red, green, and even hints of silver or gold!

So now you know! If you want to surprise those people most important in your life, despite the distance, sending an international Christmas gift can be the perfect solution to brighten up the holidays.


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