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Students from the University of Edinburgh start petition to abolish colonial hair rule in Ghanaian Schools



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Some students from the University of Edinburgh have started a petition around discussions about the rule of shaving hair in Ghanaian schools and other treatment meted out on students in their access to education. The group thinks that rules that do not benefit us should be changed and people be given the opportunity to make decisions on their appearance no matter where they find themselves.

They have started a petition on,  which is an advocacy to change systems that are deeply rooted in colonialism and discrimination. You can sign the petition here 

The petition reads:

“Students with hair don’t study, they don’t have the time to concentrate on their studies; Students with hair are arrogant, students with hair are…” This prejudice has perpetuated our educational institutions for decades. All over the world, students’ academic performance is in no way dependent on the growth of the hair but on an individual’s own zeal to excel and on the quality of education provided.

His Excellency the President of Ghana, the Government of Ghana, and the Ministry of Education.

We are strong believers in your words and vision for a progressive society for all Ghanaians.  A place we would one day be proud to call our homeland. Despite our many challenges, we share in your belief that “Ghanaians are a restless, questing, hopeful people” who strive to make Ghana a better country. Yet for years, as our leaders, you have allowed us to be held down by practices originating from our colonial masters that hold no true value in our society today. You have continually represented Ghanaians in the fight against foreign control. Why then do leaders in our institutions keep holding us to policies imposed on us by slave masters and meant to degrade us? I think we must be educated on the real reasons students are required to cut down their hair in our educational institutions; an environment meant to teach us about our history and empower us to apply the knowledge learned to better our country. This policy, although not official, is compulsory in all primary and secondary government schools with various consequences including physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and being exempted from both school and external examinations. Please, His Excellency, I believe you must enlighten us on why you continue to allow such practices to go on long after our founding leaders and forefathers’ spilled their blood to free us from the cruelties that were perpetrated on our soil. More than 60 years after our independence, young students: mostly female, are made to cut off their hair before they get access to education. The mental shackles of slavery are still in the possession of most African leaders and placed around the necks of innocent citizens.

Angel Kabonu, President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers  (NAGRAT) was reported to have said that “what I gathered was that when Caucasians students cut their hair to the level of black ladies, it makes them look very ugly and it can even affect their looks so Caucasian students are not allowed to cut their hair. There is no rule in the Ghana Education Service concerning Caucasians in Ghana because we are not Caucasians, we are Negroes.”

He said we are Negroes. He used a denigrating term that was used to refer to us by colonial and slave masters. Some may believe there’s no issue with an African man using the term but I believe we shouldn’t affirm words, terms, or policies used by cruel men. Besides this point, a high-ranking official implied that Ghanaian female students look ugly and unkept with hair.

Also, we have leaders who continue to silence those who voice their opinions on the matter. Recently, an issue surfaced with a couple of students being denied admission due to their hair, Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Osei told us to stop wasting our precious time discussing hair-related issues while others are going to Mars. It is rather unfortunate he finds this issue not worth his time when it concerns a student’s access to education that was promised to every Ghanaian. In response to his statement, we would like to bring to his notice that his educational directives have failed to provide students with the needed infrastructure and motivations for students to aspire to create projects of such heights. This alarming statement made by someone of his caliber is an insult to all who have been deeply affected by this situation as a way to shut them up.

Based on our research and the personal experience of many including ourselves, we have listed the reasons we believe this practice must be abolished.


1. Its Origin is Colonial 

“Historically, African Hair was symbolic of an individual’s background and traditions. The styles held social significance and were used in social rituals. Owing to the uniqueness and texture of African Hair, it can be styled in complex and varied ways”.

“During the time of slavery, Europeans shaved the heads of enslaved Africans upon arrival to America in an attempt to dehumanize and break the African spirit. It also represented a removal of any trace of African identity”.

According to Nambe Patrick, a blogger, this originated during the colonial era, when local girls attending ‘castle schools’ were forced to shave their heads as a distinguishing feature between them and the ‘mulatto’ children. During that era, some women were also forced to shave their heads because their hair was supposedly “confusing” white men. Therefore, it’s very perplexing why a rule so racist and degrading, rooted in colonialism, is still strictly enforced by our own people.

The Executive Director of the National Commission on Culture made in a statement that the affected Rastafians submit themselves to the rules and regulations of the institutions: rules and regulations that were born out of colonialism in an attempt to erase our culture and pride. A sector she is trying to preserve.

2. It Promotes the Misconceptions About the African Hair

Girls attending public schools in Ghana have been required to have short hair since the 1960s. It was thought to prevent lice, reduce costs, and minimize rivalry among students, as black hair is costly to maintain. One of the reasons it is seen to be expensive is because we are not taught to appreciate our natural hair or taught to maintain it from a young age. Despite popular beliefs, it is possible to maintain Ghanaian hair with just a comb and shea butter.

We have been conditioned to refer to our hair as”bushy”. Note, another colonial description for grown African hair. Mr. Kabonu also said the “maintenance of a bushy hair also distracts the students from concentrating” on their academic work. If that is the issue, why not allow our students to wear them straight in schools. It is also high time we became actively aware of the words used to describe ourselves.

Another reason according to him is to maintain a “uniform look” (whatever that means) for students and believes “the rule is part of the discipline that students are supposed to be subjected when in school.”

Here is another misconception: It is believed that the African hair is unruly and cannot be well-groomed. Also, to discipline our children, they must have their heads shaved. Yet again another colonial mentality: “Shave their heads and subdue them”.

Besides, why should shaved heads be used to promote uniformity? School uniforms are already in existence. Everyone is unique, and we shouldn’t aim to create carbon copies in our school.

Mr. Kabonu also claimed that students in some cases “put materials in their hair and take it to the examination center” and said students have several times been caught with such materials in their hair.

The failure of the government and leaders in our educational sector to curb the rising incidence of examination malpractices should not be blamed on hair, otherwise, students should be asked to write examinations without clothes too.

3. It Fails to Empower Female Students

Short hair is thought to indicate that a young lady has not reached the age of consent, therefore is off-limits to interested men.

We should endeavor to empower young girls to speak and stand up for themselves against predators from a young age. Let her be thought to say “no” to a man she is not interested in. Shaving-off her hair must not be used as a means to deflect sexual advances. This is societies’ attempt to interfere with a young woman’s sexuality. This is the same for breast ironing and female genital mutation. The Ghanaian society is plagued with female discriminatory practices which need to be tackled. Accepting a way of life just because it’s convenient does not grow a nation but rather retards growth.

A young lady should have a voice to speak up to her colleagues and teachers. Better still, teach her to do so and stop trying to change her looks. A young lady should be allowed to wear her hair anyhow she feels most comfortable and confident: short, long, afro, straight or braided.

4. It Eliminates the Choice Factor

According to the Chairman of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Council, Michael Nsowah Adjei, “for many of the schools, and also for economic reasons, they will prefer that the students don’t waste too much time going to expensive salons, so they advise that the students keep their hair low, so they can concentrate on their studies and it has become a norm”

Ladies should be given the mantle to decide on how they want to keep their hair and at what cost. Also, there are no studies to affirm that students with hair are at an academic disadvantage because of distractions by their hair. Even if that’s the case, students should be taught the right way to manage their hair, as school, is an institution meant to educate.

We are advocating for the freedom to choose for all regardless of their economic status. No one should have the right to determine for another what they can or cannot afford. We seem to forget the importance of having a choice and to have that taken away from you. This is a basic human right violation.

It is common knowledge that some teachers spitefully make students cut their hair before school holidays so that students are not able to grow or braid their hair while away from school. According to them, it would make them feel “arrogant”. This is also usually done right before the final examination ends, although they are very much aware that most ladies are eager to start growing after their last BECE or WASSCE paper. This is unquestionably bullying by teachers and abuse of power by persons in authority.


  1.  This rule must be abolished at all levels in schools. Its supposed benefits are unfounded and it’s rooted in colonialism.
  2.  The choice must be made available for students and parents of minors.
  3.  There should be clear guidelines to schools and school authorities regarding the policy changes. A policy change should not be a motivation for authorities to find different ways to oppress so-called “undisciplined students” just as was the case for the abolishing of caning in school. Authorities found means to torture and terrorize students.
  4. Students should be made aware of their right as an individual to choose.
  5. Students should be taught across all our educational institutions how to properly take care of their hair, be it natural, straightened, permed, or short.
  6. Facilities or provisions should be made across boarding schools to provide access to hair care services.
  7. Teachers who take advantage of this colonial rule to oppress students by meting out severe punishment should be educated and taught to focus their energies on empowering their students.

We do recognize there are reasons why some still believe this policy needs to still be applied today. We believe this policy is not necessary and holds no real benefits and are happy to engage in meaningful discussions that would yield the best results for all affected personnel and institutions.


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7 Key Reasons Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers | Pros & Cons



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Currently, social media platforms are fiercely competing with one another, brands are turning to Instagram because it is easier than ever for them to expand online. Although there are many reasons why businesses purchase Instagram followers, the two most common ones are to raise their level of recognition and create social proof. This is why purchasing Instagram followers from a trusted platform is recommended. Although, you may wonder why should you buy instagram followers. Read further to see reasons your brand or business need more followers.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

Here are 7 reasons to why should you buy Instagram followers. These reasons have influenced brands’ decision to purchase Instagram followers.

Pros for Buying Instagram Followers

1.    Having An Instagram with High Following Has Advantages

Being well-known on Instagram can be quite beneficial to your company. Getting the first few hundred followers is a little challenging for everyone who starts. Once you start growing to a reasonable size of followers, you will discover that things will get more easier. A large amount of followers directly have amazing advantages on your businesses. If your target demographic is encouraged to follow you, such as by giving away products or coupons, growing your following can become much simpler. Any business must provide value to its customers in some form, but it is especially crucial on Instagram where users are continuously inundated with brand content.

2.    Several Brands Have Found Success After Buying Instagram Followers

Businesses are often discouraged from purchasing Instagram followers because they believe it to be unethical. They believe that by artificially increasing their following, they will be unable to experience true, organic growth. Simply said, this is untrue. Many corporations have grown their fan bases significantly while beginning with a modest, paid basis. One advantage of purchasing followers is that it can accelerate your growth. When you reach a certain number of followers, additional users are more likely to discover you and start following you naturally. Of course, it’s crucial to make sure the followers you purchase are of a good caliber and pertinent to your industry. But if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to developing a strong Instagram brand.

3.    Instagram Has the Most Potential to Expand Your Business to Date

Instagram is a great platform for brand development. The number is anticipated to rise, which is good news for businesses. Over time, Instagram has really gain massive popularity, aside from having a large user base. After the transformation of Facebook into ‘Meta’ instagram has been set for a greater chance for tremendous growth. This is why the potentials of this platform cannot be overemphasized.   In some ways, this might be good for your business. One benefit is that it increases the likelihood that members of your target market are already utilizing the platform. It should be noted that Instagram will keep expanding, and bing you new opportunities of meeting new clients.

4.    Purchasing Instagram Followers Helps to Build a Brand Community

Raising a brand community within your brand can be a plus when you have a large following on your Instagram account. Audience will engage you once they see that you are having a large following on your account. They would become loyal and dedicated to your community. If you want to gain a favorable attention, then you should get more followers on your Instagram. These are the people who will not interact with your material and have no interest in your business. So make sure you only get trustworthy, high-quality followers from credible sites.

5.    Buying Instagram Followers Boosts Brand’s Account Visibility

Your brand will be seen on Instagram to a greater extent if you have more followers. This is since more people and feeds will notice your content, which increases their likelihood of doing so. Adding hashtags and mentioning other users also place you to become more visible to your audience.

6.    Brands’ Online Presence Are Enhanced By Purchasing Instagram Followers

As a brand, you aim to have good social media presence. Especially when you offer goods and services for sale. Though it can be challenging to manage how people view your brand on social media. Once your account is noticed with a large following, your audience automatically have trust in you and naturally would promote your services.  

7.    Experience Increased Sales And Conversions Purchasing Instagram Followers

Followers and your targeted audience are more likely to click on your product link even when they are busy. This can lead to massive conversion beyond your expectation. Notwithstanding, ensure your audience receives value from you by giving them useful content that would keep them coming to your page. However, to gain massive sales, you need to make sure you buy real followers from a genuine platform.

Cons of Purchasing Instagram Followers

The cons of purchasing Instagram followers have been explained. Here are a few cons of purchasing Instagram followers in 2023. But then, should you buy instagram followers to boost your credibility and online presence? Ensure you take the right step so your business don’t get left behind.

●      Fake Followers Won’t Purchase Your Goods or Services

False followers won’t give you money in any way. It makes no difference if they are genuine people only participating in a game for money or bots (who cannot exchange money with anyone). They are not at all interested in you and do not intend to purchase your goods or services.

●      Instagram Eliminates Phony Followers

Instagram has improved over time at identifying fake followers. They do not desire a subpar user experience for their followers. This means that the money you spend on fake followers may end up being useless anyhow since Instagram is removing your fake followers one by one.

●      Purchased Followers Deliver Spam

You will typically be asked for your email address at some point if you buy followers. You are exposing yourself to a ton of spam by doing this. A large portion of those who sell followers do so with the express purpose of obtaining your email address to spam you. They gain access to your other followers as soon as you accept them as a follower. Since the spammers are followers of you, some of your followers will accept them as followers. Your genuine followers may delete you at the same moment as they remove the false followers once they learn what you have sent them.

●      Fake Follower Accounts Aren’t Credible

An account with a sizable number of phony followers can easily be identified. For people and brands who choose their influencers with the help of platforms or agencies, this is especially simple. Therefore, anyone who purposefully purchases followers is unlikely to maintain their influence for very long. You run the danger of losing your credibility by partaking in the activity. People who become aware of your use of fake followers will eventually start to question your authority as a business or influencer. They will doubt the morality of your business dealings.


Now is the ideal time to purchase Instagram followers. The question about ‘should you buy instagram followers’ is now clearly understood. Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites, with billion active users. Furthermore, you are losing out on a sizable opportunity if you are not already utilizing it to expand your business. You can grow your company and further your marketing objectives by purchasing followers. What are you still holding out for? Time is of the essence.

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5 tips for balancing college and personal life



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The primary goal of being in college is to study. However, all your time cannot be spent in class and the library because other aspects of your life need to develop. You need to exercise, enjoy college athletics, make friends, start businesses, and even take part-time work, among other personal life engagements.


The greatest worry for students is losing study time and ending up with poor grades, resulting in all their time being spent in class or the library. On the other hand, the allure of extracurricular activities like sports or art leaves you struggling with academic work. Here are excellent tips to guarantee a balanced college and personal life that enhances your experience.

  1. Get homework help

Homework help services enable you to create room for activities beyond academics. Writing assistants will take over your essay, thesis, research paper, or coursework, giving you more free time to engage in other activities. The college homework assignments helpers are available 24/7 to take on your urgent tasks.

Pick an assistant from a credible writing service. Reviews of writing services will help you to pick the most reliable of them. You may also get a referral or recommendation from peers and friends. By taking over your assignment, you can play in the college athletic team, join a band, start a business, or work without worrying about assignment deadlines.

  1. Plan your time

Time in college is always limited. You are expected to spend most hours of your day in class. You have coursework to finish in the evening as well as essays by the end of the semester. Other activities in your personal life, like athletics, exercise, writing a blog or resting, require your time. The best trick is to allocate enough time for each activity.

Academic tasks take precedence when allocating time. Dedicate your most productive hours to your school work. Use a homework planner to assist you in allocating enough time for each activity, including your personal life.

  1. Identify priorities

What is important to you? The priorities are divided between academic and personal life. For instance, attending lectures is a priority in your academic life. On the other hand, the desire to be in the college athletic team could be a priority in your personal life. Share your time between these priorities.

Avoid stretching yourself too thin such that you cannot master one aspect of your life. The best approach is to narrow down the activities that require your energy and time. It helps you to master the skills required to be a top performer during these activities.

  1. Account for your free time

Spend your free time wisely. Do not miss classes or fail to complete assignments because you were engaged in personal activities while you waste your free time on unimportant tasks. Be attentive in class so that you do not require a lot of free time to revise for exams or take too long with assignments.

Free time will help you to be more productive in your personal life. You also avoid anxiety over incomplete assignments since you spent your time well and completed the assignments on time.

  1. Appreciate different seasons of the term

A semester comes with different seasons. In the beginning, the workload is lighter. Spend the time to do most of your personal projects. By the time the workload increases towards the end of the semester, you will have time to revise.

A balanced academic and personal life makes you more productive as well as accomplished. You avoid the tension of rushing at the last minute because of incomplete work. You will achieve more while remaining relaxed and enjoying the overall college experience.

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Buy Youtube Watch Time-Tips And Benefits



Youtube Watch time

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms currently. Content creators are making money from creating unique content to keep viewers entertained. YouTube watch time is the period spent watching your videos.


For instance, if you post a six minutes video, do viewers wait for the whole video to end, or do they leave it in the middle? Having YouTube watch time ensures that your videos are watched within the given period. 


As a content creator, you can increase the watch time by buy YouTube watch time. One of the best platforms to acquire YouTube watch time services is


To book YouTube watch time services, visit the website. The site is easy to use, and HTTPS enables easy navigation. Go through the packages offered, place an order, and provide the video you want to be promoted. starts working on your orders instantly. There is a refill guarantee for views lost.

Tips to acquire YouTube watch time.

The following tips will help you acquire YouTube watch time.

  • Have an engaging YouTube intro.

Have a unique and engaging intro to ensure your video acquires the view count you want. It will catch the eye of viewers, and they will be interested in watching the video until the end. A great intro shows your audience that you value their time and that it is worth watching the content.


You can use YouTube intro maker to ensure you have the most engaging intro. Further, a great introduction acts as a signature to your brand.

  • Use recognizable YouTube channel art and thumbnails

The availability of branded YouTube thumbnails ensures that your viewers are retained and will always revisit your channel for more content. Ensure that your YouTube channel has excellent logos, color schemes, and logos for easy identification. Having a standing-out channel will attract more viewers.

  • YouTube SEO

Higher rankings on YouTube search engines ensure that your content is popular and more people are interested in viewing it. YouTube SEO optimization guarantees you more engagement and views for your content.

Add primary keywords to your YouTube description, video titles, and tags. Several platforms exist online that can help you learn how to acquire YouTube SEO keywords easily.

  • Comment engagement.

Most content creators need to pay more attention to what the comment section can do you the YouTube channel. You can have simple comment videos in the comment section to attract new viewers and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.


Reply to the comment section to ensure that your viewers feel engaged. You can also create videos and request your fans to comment in the comment section. Further, have awards for the first comments or other criteria to keep your viewers engaged.

  • Use YouTube shorts to increase the YouTube watch time.

With YouTube shorts, there are higher chances of increasing the YouTube watch time with over 4,000 hours, which increases your income. When a person watches YouTube shorts, it contributes to the total watch time on your channel. The shorts are available on YouTube desktop, allowing your channel to acquire more views.

  • Ensure that your channel has an end card composed of the website and channel name.

Having a unique YouTube outro plays a significant role in your YouTube channel. When ending your YouTube video, you can mention the social media handles such as Instagram and TikTok. In addition, recommend your viewers to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to alert them once you post a new video.

  • Ensure that your videos are accessible with captions.

You can acquire more viewers, even on mute, by creating accessible content with captions. Through speech recognition technology, your channel can deliver auto-captions. However, before posting, go through the captions and eliminate any mistakes.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What are the benefits of YouTube watch time?

YouTube watch time has several benefits for content creators. Here are some of the main benefits.

  1. Great for monetization.

With YouTube watch time, you can make more money through your channel. However, some conditions should be met for you to make money.


  1. Ensure that your channel follows the YouTube rules. When registering for a channel, YouTube shows some rules that you must follow. Failure to do that, the channel can be suspended or banned.
  2. To view the rules, go to the menu and tap ‘rules and security.’ Ensure to go through them and understand the policies before making any content.
  3. The channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers. If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry. There are companies like that can help you acquire more subscribers within a short period.
  4. The channels must have over 4,000 hours of watch time for the past year. However, you do not have to wait one year to be paid. You will get your pay if your channel reaches the hours before the end of twelve months.
  1. Effects on algorithms.

Having more watch time ensures that your videos are recommended to other accounts related to your content type. 


For instance, your videos will appear around accounts that post recipes if you post recipes. This is an excellent way of acquiring more views and creating a wider audience.


Ensure that the title of the video and the content has a close relationship to prevent viewers from leaving before a minute ends.

  1. Brand awareness.

Having a prolonged watch time on YouTube attracted more people to your channel. Most people are interested in videos with high views. Therefore, with more watch time, there are more elevated views. 


Creating brand awareness globally with a higher number of views is easy. Avoid having prolonged introductions at the beginning. This makes most viewers lose interest in the content. Ensure that the opening is brief and explains what the video will entail.


YouTube watch time is an excellent way of earning from your channel. Ensure that you post quality content and have a creative topic to attract viewers. is among the best platforms to ensure that your channel has prolonged watch time. To make money from YouTube watch time, comply with the rules and regulations.


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Buy YouTube Packages




Starting a YouTube channel can be overwhelming since the views, comments, and likes indicate how many an audience you have. If you own a brand and plan to grow it through YouTube videos, it can be hard if you don’t have enough audience to view your content and possibly buy your products. 


It can take years to grow your YouTube channel, especially without the proper guidance to grow it fast. It requires a lot of patience to grow your channel, especially if you are new to it. That is why you need you to need to get YouTube promotion packages to help grow your channel.


YouTube promotion involves strategizing how to grow your channel, which can be done by buying YouTube promotion packages. These YouTube promotion services help you grow your YouTube channel fast and effectively at very low prices. 


It is easier to buy YouTube packages than to wait for years to grow your channel. Are you wondering why you need YouTube promotion for your channel?

Importance of buying YouTube promotion packages.

  • It saves time

The reality of YouTube is that you will have to wait for months of hardwork before making any money from YouTube. But this can be easily solved by buying YouTube likes, views, and subscribers. 


Buy YouTube promotion packages will help save you time, plus you are assured of increased engagement on your YouTube channel.


Most YouTube promotion services give instant results, and you are guaranteed refunds if you change your mind.

  • Brand exposure

Some YouTube promotion packages have comments and subscribers packages. If you buy YouTube promotion packages, you have a high chance of getting your brand to be known by many since you will be buying real YouTube traffic. 


When people comment on your videos and have many views, many people will be interested to know what your videos are all about, which will increase the traffic in your channel and consequently improve your brand exposure.

  • Business growth

Buying YouTube promotion packages help your business to grow fast and efficiently. The more people interact with your brand, the higher the chance of your business growth. If you buy real YouTube promotion views, likes, comments, and subscribers, many people will see your content and the products you showcase on your YouTube channel. 


This means that out of all that engagement, a particular percentage of people will interact with your brand directly by purchasing a few products. Thus your business will grow in the long run.

  • It improves your ranking on YouTube.

Buying YouTube promotion packages helps increase your order on YouTube. YouTube ranks videos with high views and likes higher than others. 


Therefore, if your videos are ranked higher, you will probably get more views for your channel and the overall growth of your brand. Buying YouTube promotion packages will help increase your channel’s ranking and audience.


YouTube promotion is very important, and buying YouTube promotion packages will help increase your account engagement. One of the best places to buy cheap YouTube promotion packages is Smo. Plus.

What is Smo. Plus, how does it work?

This is a YouTube promotion service in which you can buy cheap YouTube promotion views, likes, comments, and subscribers at affordable prices. This service has existed for years, and many customers have written positive reviews about the site.


It works by the buyer registering their valid email and password, choosing good packages, and placing an order. After 24 hours, the buyer gets the YouTube packages they ordered, and then the person’s YouTube channel gets more views, likes, comments, and subscribers. 


This service provides you with the best YouTube promotion packages for your channel, and they also have offers that include discounts and coupons.

Why should you get a YouTube promotion from Smo.Plus?

  • Real traffic.

When you buy YouTube promotion packages from Smo, you are assured of real audience traffic. It is easier to build engagement with real traffic than fake traffic. Real traffic also guarantees your account protection from being canceled over fake traffic. Smo.Plus ensures that you get the best services.

  • Quick delivery.

Smo.Plus guarantees you fast delivery of services within 24 hours. They say that depending on the number of orders you place, you are guaranteed that they will arrive within 24-48 hours. In the case of refill of services, they assure you that the refills placed will arrive within 72 hours of placing the orders.

  • Refunds.

When you buy YouTube promotion packages from Smo. Plus, you are assured that your money is safe. In case you wish to cancel your orders, Smo. Plus confirms you that your money will be fully refunded within 72 hours after filling out the refund form.

  • Offers.

Buying promotion packages from Smo.Plus is a good choice since they frequently offer various discounts and coupons. Suppose you sign up with Smo. Plus, you can watch other people’s videos and earn points. The accumulated points can later be redeemed into cash that can be used to buy YouTube promotion packages.

  • Payment options.

This service provides their customers with various payment options that they can choose from. They include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.

How much do their YouTube promotion packages cost?

Their prices range as follows.



  • YouTube fast views (organic boost) – 4.40$ per 1000
  • YouTube views, update with delay – 3.00$ per 1000
  • YouTube views maximum pre-roll – 8.00 per 1000
  • YouTube views for music videos – 10.00$ per 1000
  • YouTube live stream viewers 30 mins – 100$ per 1000


  • YouTube SEO ranking for keywords – 20.00$ per 1000
  • YouTube video SEO for one video – 25.00$ for 1 video


  • YouTube likes maximum 30K – 2.92$ per 1000


  • YouTube subscribers 30 days – 50.00$ per 1000
  • YouTube subscribers (organic) – 200.00$ per 1000
  • YouTube subscribers from USA – 43.20$ per 1000


  • YouTube comments (high quality) – 127.50$ 1000
  • YouTube custom comments – 32.50$ per 1000.


Getting YouTube promotion packages can help grow your channel fast and save time. Cheap YouTube promotion packages can be easily found in Smo. Plus that has many amazing offers that customers can choose from. Please take advantage of their offers today and buy YouTube promotion packages at affordable prices.

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Own Your Look with oraimo’s Shaving Products for the Perfect Shave



Picture 1 24

With the continuing rise of shaving as a popular and effective method of grooming, numerous brands are popping up on the market. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide or to identify companies who manufacture high-quality products.

Well, we went ahead and did that survey for you and after speaking to experts we put together everything you need for a proper shave. Read on for the best trimmers, clippers and shavers.

A well-loved and talked about brand, oraimo has recently introduced new lines featuring trimmers, clippers and shavers respectively. Highly recommended for the beginner and experienced alike, their products are made with high performance motor and a dedication to quality and excellence. Their green and white with black packaging is easily recognizable and the staple of their products. By briefly thinking about each of your preferences, you should easily be able to land on a quality product that fits with your needs and requirements for the perfect shave. Without further I do, here are the best shaving products for everybody:

oraimo Smart Clipper 2

The oraimo Smart Clipper 2 comes with a super powerful motor. Equipped with a strong vibrating electromagnetic motor, this clipper has an extra powerful blade speed. Also, this motor is energy efficient which is an added advantage. With a 2000mAh battery and a 150 mins runtime. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of battery. It has a long-lasting battery which lasts up to 2.5hrs.

With its high precision blades and different guided combs, this clipper is the ideal choice and works great on all hair types. The taper lever on the clipper allows you to change the closeness of your cut between the guide comb lengths. This is particularly useful for fading and blending as you can be more precise with your cutting lengths. The oraimo Smart Clipper 2 also comes with an LED indicator to indicate power charge which allows you to know your battery level immediately.

Shop your oraimo Smart Clipper 2 with coupon code: ‘Ameyah’ via oraimo SmartClipper2 Super Powerful Professional Cordless Hair Clipper 150-min Working Time

oraimo Smart Clipper

oraimo Smart Clipper

oraimo Smart Clipper

With sharp blades driven by an extra performance motor, the oraimo Smart Clipper with guaranteed long-lasting sharpness is suitable for all family members. Designed to be gentle, this clipper does not produce noise when using it, you can enjoy a carefree haircut easily.

New-user friendly, convenient and comfortable. The all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a proper hair cutting at home or at the barber shop. With the ergonomic handle and the adjustable comb design, it makes you feel comfortable wherever you are.

It is convenient as you can carry it on your trips. It comes with a Type-C charging port which allows charging anywhere at any time. You can easily charge by a power bank or a laptop.

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oraimo Smart Trimmer 2

oraimo Smart Trimmer 2


oraimo Smart Trimmer 2

150-mins working per charge with a long-lasting battery performance; charge your trimmer for 2 hours to get 150 minutes of cordless use or use it plugged in while charging.

Multi-functional Usage – The all-in-1 trimmer for your choice of beard, hair, body, face hair styling and other trimming needs. For the perfect trim, every single time.

Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective as from day one.

It is easy to adjust the speed of the trimmer with just one button. And with the special travel lock feature, it prevents the trimmer from accidentally turning on while in a luggage or a bag when travelling.

You press the power button for 4seconds while the trimmer is off to activate the travel lock feature and to turn the travel lock feature off, you press the power button for 4 seconds.

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oraimo Smart Shaver

The oraimo Smart Shaver Rotary Electric Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer has a high-performance motor which gets the job done quickly. With sharp blades driven by extra performance motor, the oraimo Smart Shaver will give you an efficient and comfortable shave.

The 3D Rotary Razor-Smooth Shave follows your face’s contours with flex and floating movements. The head of the shaver reaches your face at the ideal angle and adjusts to the curves of your face and neck, creating smooth contact with your skin. You enjoy a clean and smooth shave.

Up to 90-mins working time – Charge it once, and just chill. The oraimo Smart Shaver with a long battery life enables you to use the device for multiple shaves without the need to run to charge it every other day.

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oraimo Smart Trimmer

Powerful & Durable Motor with Long-lasting Sharpness; To deliver maximum power, the oraimo Smart Trimmer has a full metal motor that’s been reinforced with tempered steel. Fitting in with stainless blades, the oraimo Smart Trimmer creates a clean and smooth trim. It also comes with replaceable stainless blades for every trimming need, your choice of beard, hair, body, face and hair styling.

The LED Display indicates the battery power and prompts you to charge. It’s built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 90 minutes of power time per charge by only about 1.5 hours charging. The new Ultra Quiet Design minimizes noise during usage for a quieter work environment. This product is suitable for all skin types, and it primes every face for a close and even shave.

Grab yourself an oraimo Smart Trimmer with a coupon code: ‘Ameyah’ via oraimo SmartTrimmer Multi-functional Trimmer With 4 Guided Combs

Shaving products can be a valuable item to integrate into your hygiene routine. It is a specialized product for easy hair removal, even in sensitive places. For a clean, easy, quick and close shave, you will want to choose a shaving product that works for you. There are products for every skin type and preference. It seems that everyone has something to say when it comes to their opinion on the top shaving brand.

The buying guide above to the best shaving products should help you address some of your concerns, and you will feel confident in selecting a shaving product for your needs.

oraimo prides themselves on their excellent customer service with all orders being dispatched within two working days. They offer free delivery on all orders over GHC90. Register an account with them today on their website via oraimo Ghana Official Online Store You will also receive regular emails with exclusive discounts on your favorite products.

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The Best Designer Clothing Brands



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In this article, we will take a look at the Top Designer Clothing Brands of all time. These names are very good quality luxury brands. Because of the fantastic apparel, shoes and accessories are created using the most ideal. From which one can hope to find material, in the most unusual manner, by expert artisans.

Not at all like the quick style brands, and surprisingly some of the high design brands, the top of the line brands create rare or limited edition pieces. Which are often bought as brands. Driven by the world’s best design architects, these pioneering brands create exquisite styles which show one’s economic well-being and valuable and interesting character.

These popular clothing brands and Popular Clothing Sites are behind the most stylish trend patterns and styles that premium and instant design outfits replicate in large numbers every season.

From intelligent suits and popular dresses to cool shirts and stylish bottoms, these are the best brands of the last hundred years, known for remarkable style, quality, and leading ratings that you want to be aware of.

Louis Vuitton The Clothing Brand of Finance:

Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French clothing fashion brand and luxury goods conglomerate. Founded in 1854 by Georges Louis Vuitton, and it is believed to be the initials of the LV logo. The likes developed as a case creator and offered various advancements, for example, level-top trunk, lightweight materials, signature design, and tumbler lock.

These days, the Louis Vuitton originator brand is known for its whole spirit of progress, power of expression, and solid interest in grandeur. Named the world’s most influential luxury brand for six consecutive years (2006-2012). And with more than 460 stores in 50 countries, this original brand continues with its primary goal of exploring new expressive skylines.

Gucci, The Clothing Brand in Italy:

Gucci founded the ‘Place of Gucci’ in 1921 in France, Italy. The young Guccio worked with several high-quality brands in London – the brand worked on various products, including perfume, makeup and clothing. Like Savoy Lodging, where he fell head over heels for the English privileged class. Revived by the English title, Guccio returned to Italy to become a top-of-the-line planner organization.

Horse details distinguished Gucci’s early pieces. At the same time, special attention was paid to the blue blood of those days, who wore a variety of equestrian equipment and accessories. One of the most agent bits of the moment is Gucci’s famous loafers, which are on display at New York’s Metropolitan Exhibition Hall of Workmanship.

Chanel The Clothing of France:

Chanel is a French luxury-style house founded in 1910 by couturier Gabrielle Chanel, who was named the lead designer in Time 100: The Main Nation of the Hundred Years. Long hailed as one of the most prominent designer brands of its time, Chanel centers around women’s ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and accessories.

Today, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld uses essential ingredients of the brand’s vocabulary. A double-C theme, chains, tweed, and gem planners give the brand an understated, contemporary twist. Like Gabrielle Chanel, Lagerfeld used hairdos, shades and fingerless gloves to create a striking designer brand image, easy to see around the world.

Prada The Clothing of Italy:

Prada is a designer brand launched by Mario Prada as a small cowhide products store. Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada as a commercial designer brand of Italian extravagance calfskin. However, Prada had little influence on the style until Miuccia took over his grandfather’s organization in 1978.

As one of the most incredible designer brands of the present day, Prada incorporates the unmistakable components of a heritage of high-quality expertise with current environmental and social protection standards. Help and ethical submission. These days, Prada is directed by a progressive, creative team: Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, striking the perfect balance between idealism and fun.

Dior The Clothing of France:

It is commonly known as Dior; Christian Dior is a French inventor founded in 1946 by French-style fashioner Christian Dior. The French extravagance design house is controlled and led by French financier Bernard Arnault, who heads LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate.

Coordinated by president Pietro Beccari, the high-end Dior is considered one of the most compelling brands in womenswear and eveningwear. Arguably the most-regarded designer brand worldwide, Dior’s extraordinary visions have been worn by movie stars, heads of state, royalty and VIPs.

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