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Stylish Huawei Y8p Available in Ghana Now



In the second quarter of 2020, the budget smartphone segment market has experienced a surge in competition, with enticing new models that make advanced mobile technology broadly accessible. Even amidst this flurry of activity, the release of the HUAWEI Y8p has attracted notice, thanks to its 48 MP AI Triple-Camera, big memory of 6GB+128GB, durable 4,000 mAh battery and OLED display. The Y8p also incorporates an improved in-screen fingerprint recognition technology, and by selling for 1259GHS, represents a terrific balance of all-round performance and affordability.

48MP AI Triple Camera, for Anytime HD Imaging

As mobile photography has become the preferred medium for chronicling everyday life for a wide range of users, camera technology on budget smartphones has improved by leaps and bounds. The HUAWEI Y8p comes equipped with a 48MP AI Triple Camera setup, which is composed of a 48MP main camera (with f/1.8 large aperture), 8MP ultra-wide angle lens and 2MP depth lens. The main camera adopts a 1/2-inch sensor, which supports high ISO sensitivity and sharp imaging. The 8MP ultra-wide angle lens supports a panoramic 120° angle of view, perfect for stunning images of soaring skylines, or group photos that are jam-packed with friends or family. The depth sensor provides you with the ability to take meticulous Bokeh shots, with background blurring effects that draw attention to the subject and bring out their best, making portrait photography remarkably easy.

Capturing beautiful night scenes is easy with AIS Super Night Photography. Tapping into the high-resolution sensor and AI algorithms for multi-frame noise reduction, the AIS Night Mode can effectively stabilise images, meaning all your night photos are of high definition and clarity.


HUAWEI Y8p is equipped with Master AI, allowing every user to effortlessly take beautiful photos within their reach. The Master AI can recognise objects in an image, It can also identify object size, positioning, and its centre point on the screen and then adjust accordingly through algorithms. Master AI can recognise 22 scenes including blue skies, snow, plants, cats, dogs, food, fireworks, performance stages and more.


HUAWEI Y8p is also equipped with a 16MP front camera and supports HDR for selfie taking – not only can help you take clear selfies, but it also gives nice backlighting effects. The front camera of the phone also supports Night Mode, so that you can take selfies even in low-light settings. The selfie camera also supports HDR– not only can help you take clear selfies, but it also gives nice backlighting effects. Under lighting from different directions such as front-on lighting, backlighting, or from the side, the camera uses AI algorithms to compensate the interference brought by different lightings; carefully preserving details and restoring colours so that your subject and background is just as clear.

Big Memory 6GB+128GB


The HUAWEI Y8p provides the standard 128 GB of large storage space seen in many mid-range and high-end smartphones, with 6GB of RAM, meeting the needs of most users. The HUAWEI Y8p comes equipped with a 4000 mAh large-capacity battery that provides for genuine all-day use, even for intensive gamers. The EMUI 10.1 OS also provides a handy Power saving mode, freeing users from the dire consequences of battery drain. Huawei’s exclusive Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) goes down to the software layer to improve the random read speed of flash memory, and in the process saves space. For smooth processing and power saving management, HUAWEI Y8p comes with the 12nm Kirin 710F SoC. Even when it is running multiple apps or resource-intensive games, the performance and battery life would be not compromised.

OLED Dewdrop Display, Thrilling Immersion Beyond Compare

The HUAWEI Y8p features a 6.3-inch OLED Dewdrop Display that offers immersive FHD+ viewing, with a first-rate 90.17% screen-to-body ratio and 2400 x 1080 ultra-clear resolution, rendering natural colours across a broad screen. It is supplemented by an Eye Comfort mode, which effectively reduces the presence of blue light and counteracts visual fatigue resulting from a high daily screen time. This attribute endows the Y8p with a considerate nature that is perfect for intensive users who rely on their phone for all-day work and leisure. HUAWEI Y8p has a slim body that measures only 7.7mm thick and it adopts a 3D Arc design for a compact body, while its back panel with vivid colours is fascinating and eye-catching all together creating a comfort grip. Below the surface, the most recent EMUI 10.1 OS enables a treasure trove of Always-On Display (AOD) options, displaying the time, battery levels and reminders even when the screen is off.

The new Y series model forgoes the commonly seen rear fingerprint sensor design, for an improved In-Screen Fingerprint technology that not only maximizes the sensitive region, but also provides for quick unlocking in a wide range of challenging environments, including cold and dry conditions, or in the presence of direct sunlight or dim indoor lighting.


The phone comes decked in two stunning colour schemes: Breathing Crystal and Midnight Black, and is sleek at 163 grams. Apps are supported by Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) ecosystem, and can be downloaded from the broad-ranging AppGallery platform.

Indulge in all your Games

HUAWEI Y8p provides users with a truly immersive gaming experience, high-intensity games will feel as if you are in the centre of action. GPU Turbo in EMUI 10.1 comes with enhanced touch responsiveness, which allows the user to stay a step ahead of the other players in the game. The improved GPU Turbo provides for immersive visuals with a consistently high frame rate, and buttery smooth gameplay.

When you consider all of these factors – if you are looking for a new phone that offers its share of the latest technology, but does not break the bank – the HUAWEI Y8p might just be the phone for you!



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