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Tap and Pay! 14 things you need to know about Absa Banks Contactless “Tap” Payments



Absa Bank has launched the contactless ‘tap’ to pay feature on its Absa Vertical Cards. Here are 14 things you need to know about the feature. 

1.What is a contactless “Tap“ payment?

The contactless payment system uses Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology to allow payments from a special contactless card and a contactless payment terminal. Contactless or “tap” payments mean that you are not required to enter a PIN to authorize payment.

2. What does the Wi-Fi symbol on my card mean?


This special contactless symbol on a card indicates that customers with this kind of card can tap to pay immediately. The capability ensures the card never leaves the customer’s hand, making the payment process simpler, safer and faster than ever.

3. How can I identify/locate a merchant with a contactless enabled terminal?

Look out for the in-store signage or ask the merchant cashier

4. How do I activate the contactless vertical card


The card must have been used twice (at ATM or POS) to make a PIN required transaction to activate the “tap” functionality and the approved limit. If the card does not work after this process kindly visit the nearest branch to have the card replaced.

5. How does contactless “Tap” payment benefit me as an Absa Vertical card-holder?

  Payments are faster, easy and safe

  Customers no longer have to carry around cash


  Customers experience shorter queues and a faster ‘check-out’ process

  Customers never let go of their card, thereby reducing the chances of fraud and experiencing a safer payment process

6.Are contactless payments safe?

Absolutely, for a number of reasons:


  The card is always in the customers hands, so they have full control

  Each transaction has a unique one-timecode that encrypts the payment information

  All payments are protected in case of fraud

7. Can the card be charged if it is in close proximity to a contactless terminal?


No. The contactless technology requires the cashier to initiate the payment on their system before a transaction can take place. The card must be 2mm from the terminal to allow payment.

8. Can a customer be charged more than once if they have more than one contactless cards?

No. The contactless terminals can only communicate to one card at a time.

9. Ifmycardisstolen–what do I do?


If your card is stolen, please contact your branch or our Contact Centre immediately to cancel it.

10. Who must I contact if I have any issue with my card / contactless payments?

The merchant staff are trained to assist you with payment process in-store. Should there be an issue that the merchant staff cannot resolve, please immediately contact Absa. We will assist them to solve any issues relating to contactless payments.

11. Why is a PIN asked for at certain times?


A PIN will be requested from you for the following reasons

  The first 2 transactions on an ATM or POS requiring a PIN to activate the contactless

“Tap” payment and approved limit functionality has not been done.

  You have exceeded the daily limit for your contactless “Tap” payment.


12. What is the contactless tap limit

 You can make payments of up to a limited amount  per tap without a PIN

13. How many tap payments can I make in a day?

 You can make up to 4 “tap” payments of up to a limited amount which is your total daily limit.


14. What happens after the 4th tap payment and I have not exceeded my daily limit ?

 Your 5th transaction would require a PIN

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