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Tatiana and Kaone out! Who wins Big Brother All Stars?

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Tatiana and Kaone out! Who wins Big Brother All Stars?

Botswana’s Kaone and Angola’s Tatiana were evicted from Big Brother All Stars House during Sunday night’s live Eviction Show just 7 days before the winner of the US$200 000 prize is announced.

The show kicked off with a dynamite performance from the Freeze Frame Dance Crew before IK reminded viewers how the re-introduction of Lerato, Sheila and Tatiana to the House had mixed things up during the past week.

Mozambican rappers G-Pro then took to the stage and performed “Quero Uma Friend before viewers got a chance to see the Barnmates, who left Big Brother All Stars last week, finding their feet on a game farm in South Africa and talking about their experiences.

Then it was time for the Head of House ‘save & replace’ announcement – a moment Mwisho seems to revel in. “Ok ladies and gentlemen. This one is a privilege and an honour to be here – you’re the most hopeful bunch of sore losers I’ve ever been with. I’m direct, ya, so – I came here for adventure, excitement and the treasure. I wanna give my reason – I’m here, I want to win this game, so obviously I had to switch myself – I’m not ready to go yet, and Tatiana, I switched myself with you,” the Tanzanian told them.

When it was time to get down to evictions, IK taunted the Housemates. “What if I were to tell you that tonight, there would be no eviction?” he asked, pausing for a response. “Unfortunately if I told you that, I’d be lying! The next housemate to leave the Big Brother All Stars House is… Munya, you’re safe, Kaone…you have been evicted”.

As K-One brought his ‘rural swag’ to the stage, IK asked him about his strategy. “Throughout the game you were a lone ranger, playing by yourself. This last week you seemed to be getting close to a certain someone. What was happening between you and Tatiana?” “It’s natural reactions you know, every time that’s what we do with people,” was all that Kaone would reveal.

When quizzed about his reaction to seeing Tatiana lying in the pool without any clothes on, his response was “I just tripped and fell into the pool, she had tried to push me in earlier and I saved myself…” “This time she didn’t push you – she just pulled,” quipped IK.

Then it was Dagger time. IK read out the ‘punishment’: One housemate must be a jukebox. Every day all remaining housemates may request the jukebox to sing or dance. Anyone can request their favourite song after dinner.” After a brief pause, a big grin spread across Kaone’s face. “This dagger is going to Lerato Mzansi!” he shouted.

As a parting shot, IK asked what had changed for Kaone after being back in the House. “I learned a whole lot of things in the house, I gained respect for a lot of people and lost respect for many. I think I’ve grown in so many ways, I’m ready for the world in so many ways,” he said.

After another dynamic performance from G-Pro – this time with their hit “Disco Duro” and the Freeze Frame Dancers, it was time to evict another Housemate.

“I’m sorry to be doing this to you again,” said IK as he took viewers back into the House, “but the next Housemate to leave the Big Brother All Stars House is…Uti…you are safe, Tatiana you’ve been evicted.”

After some emotional hugs and goodbyes, with Uti particularly sad to see the Angolan leave the House, Tatiana joined IK on stage. “I was telling everyone when we heard you were up for eviction, you have been evicted more from this show than anyone else – but you always make it back into the House. What do you think it is about your personality that Africa just couldn’t let go of?” “I don’t know, I’m a free-spirited person, I like to have fun,” she said. “I have no limits, I just enjoy life because I only have one – if I don’t enjoy it, who’s going to enjoy it for me?”

“What was with all the stripping though? Was it for votes?” he asked. “No! If you remember in my season I was the same person. Like I said, I like to be free, guys! I came into this world naked…” she said with a trademark grin.

Next up was a chance for Tatiana to get her own back by throwing a Dagger at the remaining Housemates. “One Housemate must change clothes three times a day and must entertain other Housemates by dancing seductively and stripping every evening after dinner for ten minutes. This dagger commences tomorrow,” read IK. “I’m quite confused… I think… I think Sheila!” said Tatiana.

Before letting Tatiana leave the stage with the US$3000 she had won for discovering other Housemates’ secrets, and a camera and trip valued at R50 000 from SA Tourism, won for her victory in the Box task, IK said he had to ask her to sing one more time. After initially refusing and playing coy, she agreed and sang a few bars from her forthcoming album.

As Kaone and Tatiana left the stage for the final time, Big Brother had some news for the remaining Housemates. 11 weeks ago, US$20 000 was removed from the US$200 000 prize money for bad behaviour – but the Housemates have since redeemed themselves, inspiring the continent with their discussions about malaria, gender, ethnicity and poverty. With that in mind, Big Brother decided that it is appropriate to restore the prize to the full value of US$200 000.

4 lucky viewers won exciting prizes for voting for the favourite housemates this week. They are : US$ 1000 – Mary Sisya (Tanzania), HD PVR Decoder – Mkhululi Ncube (Ethiopia), Nokia C2690  Handset – Excerencia Gregory Kaijage (Tanzania), Nokia N8 Handset – Leon Chimalizeni (South Africa).

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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