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Tatiana runs out of lives and makes it into the barn!!!



Angola’s Tatiana found herself settling into new surroundings after Sunday night’s live Big Brother All Stars eviction show after she was evicted from the house. In the last two weeks, the housemates she used her Head of House powers to replace herself with (Hannington and Lerato) have found themselves evicted to The Barn. This week it was her turn to join them – and Sammi – in less luxurious surroundings.

Motswana rapper Juju Boy got the show off to a flying start with his hit “Emotional” before sharing his thoughts on the game with presenter IK. “What are people in Gaborone saying about Kaone and his ‘rural swagger’?” asked IK. “We love that boy, we’re all supporting him,” said the rapper. When quizzed about who his favourite contestant was outside of his countryman, his answer was simple: “Oooh, Sheila!”

IK then gave the continent an overview of what the housemates had gotten up to during the past turbulent week, summing up their efforts by declaring that they had “played the game with finesse and vigour”.

Then it was time to go into the house to have Head of House Sheila reveal how she had used her powers to influence the game. During Monday’s nomination show, she had saved herself from nomination and put Munya in her place. “Of course I saved myself and replaced myself with Munya,” said the Kenyan. “I didn’t have a reason, it happened when I was going in there [to the Diary Room] and the only name I could remember was Munya’s”.

While Munya went upstairs to pack, the South African dance group UBuhle Besintu took to the stage. After they had proudly demonstrated a slice of South African culture, it was time for IK to get down to business as he accepted the all-important envelope from the Alexander Forbes representative.  “It’s that dreaded hour – the hour is upon us,” he said. “The fourth housemate to leave the Big Brother All Stars house… Munya, you are safe, Tatiana, you have been evicted”.

The emotion of the moment swept through the house as a crestfallen Munya stared straight ahead and Tatiana reached over to hug Code, before receiving a tearful hug from Jennifer. As each housemate said their farewell, Munya stood to the side and only reached out to her just as she reached the doors. They turned to each other and touched foreheads, sharing some final words before she turned and raised her Angolan scarf above her head and exited the house.

Once she joined IK on stage, he quizzed her about her various Big Brother opportunities. “Let’s flash back – you came into Big Brother a few years ago, and had another chance with Big Brother All Stars. You were evicted in the first week and got a chance to go back into the house – and now you’re here again. Do you think you didn’t play it right when you went back into the house?” he asked. “No, that’s me and I’m always like that and I won’t change for anything in this world,” she replied.

After she declared that she had no regrets whatsoever, IK’s line of questioning turned to her relationship with Munya. “You and Munya had an interesting relationship – what’s going on?” “Well, as I said to Big Brother and to all of you, we always had a special friendship. My friendship with Munya, it’s different from the other housemates. We had something, you know we clicked, one to another, but we always knew our limits and where we belonged to. That’s life,” she said.

Then it was time to deliver her Dagger into the house. IK read the ‘punishment’ for this week: ”One housemate must pack all his or her belongings, including clothes and leave them in the storeroom. That housemate will only get their things back in one week. This dagger commences immediately. And Tatiana, that housemate is?” “It will go to Uti, darling, cos he’s so ‘joosh’ every day!” said a delighted Tatiana, in reference to Uti’s snappy dressing.

As Uti contemplated a week without his belongings, IK asked Tatiana to reveal her secret to the housemates. “I am a singer. It’s my new career. Nobody knows, not my family, anyone”, she said. When IK dared her to prove it and sing on stage, she happily grabbed the microphone and delivered a few lines of one of her own tracks. Once IK bid her farewell and sent her off stage, Ubuhle Besintu returned for a final time.

When Biggie told Tatiana to leave the House, she hung back to give hugs to everyone. Biggie told Tatiana more than four times to “Leave the Big Brother House”. This is the second time that the Angolan Housemate has been Evicted during the All Star Big Brother Show.

When Tatiana was asked by IK about her relationship with Munya she said that they had a special relationship but they knew their limitations. When asked about Lerato, Tatiana said that its just a game, she felt that she had to Nominate those that she didn’t gel with, and also she felt that Lerato was competition.

Tatiana walked into the Barn in utter disbelief. She actually gasped especially when she saw the cow for the first time. She was overwhelmed when she saw Hannington, Lerato and Sammi hiding behind the Barn entrance door. The Barnmates greeted Tatiana with hugs and explanations. Lerato and Hannington happened to be two of the Housemates that Tatiana put up for Eviction with her save and replace.
Tatiana kept on asking the Barnmates “what is this place”. They stood outside sipping sparkling wine when Tatiana couldn’t take it anymore. She bid her Barnmates farewell and went to the Bedroom where she layed down and wept.

Sammi came to the rescue and offered Tatiana some words of comfort. Tatiana smiled at his gesture through a tear-stained face. Lerato offered Tatiana a wet wipe. Poor Tatiana was devastated, she mentioned that she expected to go home. The last thing Tatiana expected was a Big Brother twist, luckily the Barnmates were ready to advise her. Barnmate Sammi immediately took it upon himself to comfort Tatiana, he held her close, stroked her hair and kissed her cheek.

Meanwhile, Code and Munya seem to be on the hot list in this week’s nominations. Sheila, Uti and Meryl all nominated Code because “He’s too comfortable”.

Sheila said she had not connected with him yet, Uti said he had not been up for eviction and Meryl said he was a strong character and seemed too comfortable in the House.

Munya was nominated by Yacob, Meryl and Mwisho. Yacob said he had not nominated Munya since he got into the House, Meryl said he had survived two evictions so she was just curious as to how far his charm would take him. Mwisho on the other hand said he was nominated all the time anyway.

Kaone, being the Head of House after Tatiana was exiled to the Barn was also an obvious common nominee.

For this reason, he was nominated by Sheila, Uti and Yacob while Mwisho said he was simply nominating Kaone because he had never been nominated before.

Juju Boy then closed out the show as IK reminded viewers that the result of the game depends on their votes. Apart from keeping their favourite housemate in the game, viewers also stand to win great prizes each week by simply voting. This week’s winner of US$1 000 was Lorraine Chikomo from Zambia, while Johnny Wakari from Tanzania, picked up a DStv HD Decoder.