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Tatyana Ali opens up about hooking up with Drake and more



“Second Generation Wayans” star Tatyana Ali stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” today where the host got the actress to open up about her life as a child star.  And Tatyana also cleared up a few controversial comments she made about one-night stands. But before they could get to her thoughts on hooking up, Wendy blindsided Tatyana with a pic of her boo’d up with rapper Drake.  When Wendy asked if they had hooked up, Tatyana began blushing wildly and refused to confirm “yes or no.”  But while smiling and laughing like a school girl, she told a story about him buying her a bottle of champagne at the Supper Club in LA for her birthday, and ended by saying, “I think he’s amazing…I think he’s awesome.” We’re sure. The subject of “hooking up” with Drake led to a discussion of one-night stands. In a recent “Q-n-A” with The HuffPost, Tatyana gave one very shocking answer that she had to clear up on “Wendy.”  In the article, it read

Q. What’s your guiltiest pleasure? A. Bread pudding with chocolate! And one-night stands.
The little tidbit set off a wave of nasty and judgmental comments.  Tatyana said the comment was tongue-in-cheek but she was surprised by the backlash she received with this being 2013!  She went on to say that “if” the comment were true….she’s a grown woman! Wendy chimed in and said women have the right to live their lives and make choices…as long as they are being responsible. The BET star also revealed that she was very close to her first tv mom, Janet Hubert (the first Aunt Viv) and her tumultuous departure was like a divorce.  She said Janet taught her how to ride horses amongst other things.  She also commented that tension ran high on the set, but Will Smith NEVER made the cast choose between him or Janet.]]>



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