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Taxify, the fastest growing ride-hailing app in Europe and Africa is set to launch in Accra



Taxify, Europe and Africa’s fastest-growing ride-hailing platform, is set to launch in Accra, Ghana with a unique vision to change the way people move in the city.   The ride-hailing platform is build on a simple idea: that happier drivers equal happier riders. Taxify believes that by treating drivers better than any other platform by taking only 15% commission per trip from drivers as opposed to competitions 25%, they can create an open, efficient and sustainable transportation ecosystem.   Taxify believes that happy drivers means better quality service for riders and that in treating its drivers with respect, allowing them to earn more than with other platforms and providing a range of safeguards and features that help them work in the way that suits them best, they will be in turn provide superior ride experiences to riders. It also believes in providing exemplary customer service to riders, with a local customer support team and the option to pay via cash or card. Taxify already operates in 19 countries worldwide, including neighboring countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa and has seen huge success with its fairer, more transparent ride-hailing service.   The Taxify app is available on iOS and Android.]]>

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