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Team Eternity Ghana accused of copyright infringement over hit song “Defe Defe”



Ghanaian gospel collective Team Eternity Ghana has been accused of copyright infringement by veteran producer Kwame Mickey, who alleges that their hit song “Defe Defe” samples a track by one of his artists.

Following the release of their third live-recording album ‘Testimony,’ Team Eternity has gained significant attention, with “Defe Defe” reaching the number one spot on Apple Music Ghana’s Top 100 and dominating other charts.

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Kwame Mickey claims that “Defe Defe” by Team Eternity Ghana is a sample of Halleluyah Voices’ “Defe Defe,” a song released 15 years ago. He asserts that both songs share the same lines, composition, and arrangement despite having different melodies. Mickey voiced his concerns on social media, urging Team Eternity to address the issue.

As of now, Team Eternity Ghana has not responded to the allegations.

Listen to the songs below.



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