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Team of Ghanaian and Nigerian youth put Jollof Battle aside to fight for Africa



Ghana jollof Ghana Jollof[/caption] After years of West African Jollof feud, it gets hard to place this important battle aside to fight together. Just as Deanery’s of the Game of Thrones fame desires from Cersei, only a White Walker can bring us together. What then is the “White Walker” on the African continent? Our bigger problem in our part of the world is nonetheless, being in the infuriating grips of Poverty. Like other African countries, Ghana and Nigeria have been implementing poverty alleviation strategies to break free of this. Government has implemented many bills in the process, just to get a lot of citizens to cross the poverty line. Within the past two decades, Ghana has been classified as a Highly Indebted Poor Country twice. Nigeria too is currently under an administration with the highest debtor government since 1960. This is a big blow considering how extreme the 1960’s was in Nigeria: The worst being the SAP (Structural Adjustment Programme) that crippled the economy so much that it’s rippling effects are still felt today. Apart from the government, many individuals and institutions have done their part in trying to break many families out of the grips of poverty. With the responsibility people have felt over the years of their other countrymen, there have been many projects undertaken to increase livelihood conditions. A group of 14 youth from both Nigeria and Ghana have also come together as a team to battle this major problem we face. The team may have their differences, with the most notable being the current debate of who has the best Jollof. Undoubtedly, we have bigger problems so Jollof (the best meal in the world) can wait for now. What exactly is this team doing to battle out poverty? This team of Millennials are using the internet as a tool to contribute their quota to the goodwill of Africa. They created a project that would in no time cover the whole continent as it currently covers 19 African countries. Their project was to create an effective Job Board to link all employees to employers on the African continent. Since the problem of unemployment is a major contributing factor to poverty, this project significantly tackles it in a broad sense. In the words of 16 year old Jane Chisom, the team’s youngest member, let’s understand how this project is beneficial to Africa: “People fail to realize that, to first create more jobs, existing jobs should increase their productivity. Since productivity graciously follows efficiency, companies and cooperation’s are more likely to grow. This new growth further brings increment in direct employment to their institutions and also, growth to the companies sector. Thus, stagnant institutions are gingered up to grow and most importantly, more startups are introduced in the various sectors” This is Team Exhort’s angle to battle out Poverty on the African continent. Their project proposal was accepted by WealthBankers who decided to branch out a part of their domain to them. Thus, their project can be found on the WealthBankers career web page – WealthBankers Job Arena. It’s true Jollof is one of the best things to happen to us West-Africans. But wouldn’t it be way better to enjoy this meal with better socio economic conditions surrounding us?    ]]>

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