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Teaser: The Cursed Ones, starring Oris Erhuero, Ama K. Abebrese, Jimmy Jean-Louis


Teaser: The Cursed Ones, starring Oris Erhuero, Ama K. Abebrese, Jimmy Jean-Louis

TCO_Screenshot_3It is no gainsaying that the issue of child witchcraft accusation in Africa is becoming alarming. Vulnerable children domiciled in Africa are always accused of witchcraft in their communities. Accusation of children being witches are especially common in central and west Africa, where they are often ostracized or chased away from home because they were accused of being witches. Some are tortured, abandoned and even brutally murdered.

While stories concerning child witchcraft accusation often attract media attention, this difficult and complex issue is little understood.

Owing to this, Zissou Pictures will soon outdoor a new flick about accusation of child witches entitled, The Cursed Ones, which poignantly addresses the problem of child witch accusations, widespread throughout the African continent

The Cursed Ones, directed by Nana Obiri Yeboah (a UK based-Ghanaian auteur), tells the story of two men who have the courage to fight back against corruption and false prophets. A disillusioned reporter and a young, reformed pastor attempt to save the life of a child accused of witchcraft by bravely fighting back against corruption and false prophets.

After a series of tragic events, a small, West-African village turns to their preacher, Pastor Uchebo, for help. Uchebo blames the events on the presence of a witch in the village. Meanwhile, a middle-aged reporter called Godwin arrives to write a puff piece on a local festival. It is not long before Godwin notices that something is amiss in the village.

A young girl, Asabi, is accused of being a witch. Godwin and a local school teacher, John Moses, attempt to defend the girl. They soon comes up against Pastor Uchebo and discover just how powerful his rhetoric can be.

This impending movie, shot on location in the Eastern Region of Ghana, stars Oris Erhuero, Ama K. Abebrese, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Joseph Otsiman, Ophelia Dzidzornu, Rama Brew, David Dontoh, Fred Amugi, et cetera.

Movie buffs who are enamoured with watching African movies set in rural areas, which seek to address societal issues should watch out for this top-flight cinematic production from the staples of Zissou Pictures.


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