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Tema Industrial Materials to revamp the scope of construction In Ghana



Infrastructure is known to be the backbone of every healthy economy, however; time and material give an estimated cost of the project in the area of construction. In light of this, Tema Industrial Materials and Services Ghana Limited (TIMS) founded by two young Ghanaian entrepreneurs Kwamina E. deGraft-Johnson, Mawuli E. Medie together with their senior partner Daniel A. Abbiw have merged as partners with India’s Phenix Construction Technology to modify the phase of construction in Ghana. Phenix Construction Technology from India, a future-ready steel construction solutions provider that specializes in the Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs), Light to Heavy Complex Steel Structures and the largest exporter of PEB & Structural Steel in India covering more than 17 countries. TIMS main focus will be to add a progressive new dimension to the Construction and Infrastructure Sector by introducing more Steel buildings into industries to increase the pace of project completions, Decrease cost of projects, Decrease time of Return on Investment (ROI) and many other benefits, unlike the traditional brick and mortar system. Services of these two firms cut across all industries such as the construction of factories, warehouses, hospitals, complex apartments, offices and hotels among others. They provide end-to-end solutions that address all the stages of the construction process like Designing, Detailing, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Transportation, Installation, Maintenance and After-Sales Services.     For specification details Please download Brochure below. Contact their sales Team on 0303-308746/ 0243-721827/ 020-6984444/ 020-3733203 0r Email: for more enquiries. You can follow them on their social media platform below Facebook: Tema Industrial Materials and Services Twitter/IG: tims_ghana]]>



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