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The 11th Edition of Joe Mettle’s Praise Reloaded Concert Raises the Roof and Spirits, Leaves Attendees Inspired



The 11th edition of the highly anticipated Praise Reloaded gospel concert, hosted by acclaimed gospel artist Joe Mettle, took the worship experience to soaring heights, leaving attendees spellbound and their spirits ignited with praise.

The faith-based concert, held at the Oil Dome, Royal House Chapel, last Sunday (June 25), brought together thousands of fervent worshippers and music enthusiasts, solidifying its reputation as one of the biggest artist-led gospel concerts of the year in Ghana. The event featured a star-studded roster of special guests, including Dusin Oyekan, Ceccy Twum, Edwin Dadson, Luigi Maclean, Kweku Teye, and the Bethel Revival Choir. They sang an array of outstanding songs that resonated with the audience and stirred their spirits.

The evening kicked off with a series of remarkable guest performances that set the stage for an unforgettable night. Gifted singer-songwriter Luigi MacLean mesmerized the audience with his set, creating a moment of intimacy and allowing attendees to reflect on their personal journey of faith and find solace in the Savior’s embrace. While Bethel Revival Choir brought their distinctive flair and harmonies to the stage and uplifted spirits with an energizing medley of traditional gospel favorites and spirited renditions of gospel classics, gospel sensation Kweku Teye also stole the show. He captivated the audience with his powerful vocals and impassioned delivery.


In addition, Pastor Edwin Dadson graced the stage with a dynamic performance that had the audience on their feet and extolling the power and glory of God. He was followed by award-winning worshipper Ceccy Twum, who is known for her angelic voice and powerful ministry. She delivered rendition of her popular worship anthems. For the first time, Praise Reloaded welcomed Dusin Oyekan, a dynamic and anointed Nigerian singer. He set the stage ablaze with his heartfelt delivery and powerful vocals. His performance included the soul-stirring tracks “Yeshua,” Yah,” and more, a set that declared God’s ability to work miracles and bring hope in the midst of challenging circumstances.

The pinnacle of the evening arrived as Joe Mettle himself ascended the stage, exuding an aura of reverence and anointing. With his unmatched vocal prowess and undeniable charisma, Mettle unleashed a torrent of worshipful melodies that reverberated through the venue, igniting an overwhelming response from the crowd. From powerful worship ballads to lively anthems of praise, each song carried a profound message and purpose. Mettle effortlessly led the crowd through a spiritual journey, inviting attendees to join in a collective expression of faith.

One of the standout moments of the concert was Mettle’s performance of “Bo Noo Ni,” a soul-stirring anthem that has become synonymous with his ministry. As his voice filled the arena, the atmosphere was charged with an overwhelming sense of adoration. The entire audience, moved by the powerful lyrics and Mettle’s impassioned delivery, joined in unified worship, creating a moment of divine connection. Mettle’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level was evident throughout the concert. His songs like “Ye Bua Mi” “Kadosh”, “Great Jehova”, “I Turst In You”, and other heartfelt renditions of beloved gospel hymns touched the depths of the soul, evoking raw emotions and creating an intimate atmosphere of worship. The concert witnessed extraordinary collaboration as Joe Mettle welcomed Kweku Teye back on stage to perform “Me Dan Wo” together.

The concert production was top-notch, with impeccable sound engineering and stunning visuals that enhanced the worship experience. The stage design and lighting perfectly complemented the atmosphere, creating a multisensory spectacle that enhanced the impact of each song and performance.


The 11th edition of Praise Reloaded once again solidified Joe Mettle’s status as a gospel music icon and demonstrated the enduring impact of his ministry. The concert’s success lay not only in the exceptional performances but also in its ability to unite believers from diverse backgrounds in a powerful expression of worship and adoration. Praise Reloaded continues to be a beacon of inspiration and spiritual renewal, igniting hearts with the undeniable power of gospel music.



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