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The 2019 Ghanaian Languages Literature Festival set for December 7



Write Ghana Literary Initiatives is pleased to announce the 2019 Ghanaian Languages Literature Festival. Write Ghana is a literary non-profit dedicated to exploring and documenting language and literature in Ghana.

The Ghanaian Languages Literature Festival is a one-day festival aimed at increasing the visibility of literature written in Ghanaian languages in mainstream society. The festival is happening on Saturday, 7th December 2019 at Goethe Institute, Cantonments- Accra and is open to all.

Planned activities for the festival include a writing workshop on poetry and stories in Ghanaian languages, poetry performances, book readings, film screenings, a book fair and panel discussion. It will especially include the award ceremony of the 2019 Ghanaian Languages Short Story Prize, a literary award for writers of short stories in Ghanaian languages with this year’s prize focusing on stories written in Ga, Dangme, Twi, Ewe, Fante and Dagbani.

Partners for this year’s festival are Goethe Institute, Bureau of Ghana Languages, Happy Kids Schools, Brittin Industries, Writers Project, e-Ananse, Garnet Magnet Ventures and Asiedu Information Systems.

This is the program outline for the festival: 9am – 11am – Writing workshops

Adult authors – A workshop on the writing process from idea inception to publishing. Children (8 – 17 years) – A creative writing session for children

1:30pm – 3:30pm – Performance session

Book readings, Film screenings, Poetry performances and Language circle

4pm – 7pm – Award ceremony of the Ghanaian Languages Short Story Prize

Panel discussion with selected guests on Ghanaian language literature

7pm – 10pm – Performance session

Throughout the day – Exhibition from publishers and authors

Join us in the spirit of discovering and celebrating literature written in indigenous Ghanaian languages by spreading the word. Follow us on social media. Send us a mail on and read about us at

The Ghanaian Languages Short Story Prize is a literary prize that seeks to discover and celebrate literature written in indigenous Ghanaian languages. We celebrate, support and showcase the languages and literatures of Ghana through our various initiatives. Write Ghana’s mission is to create opportunities that increase the use and representation of Ghanaian languages and literatures.