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The after-effects of a car crash



after-effects of a car crash

Being involved in a car accident is a horrible experience. Depending on the severity, you could end up suffering a major injury or seeing your car written off.

Although we have yet to find a way of completely preventing these accidents, there are certain steps you can take after one to give yourself the best chance of recovering well and getting back on the road as soon as possible.

Physical effects

The most common injury sustained in car accidents is whiplash. This neck strain can cause pain and extreme discomfort for long periods. It tends to go away by itself after a while but can linger for extended periods – up to three years.

As frustrating as whiplash may be, it’s one of the more minor injuries you could suffer as a result of a car accident. When high speeds and tonnes of steel are put together, there is the risk of life-changing injuries – or even death.

Car accidents can cause the sorts of injuries that can take years to recover from – if at all. It can affect your daily life, leaving you unable to enjoy certain hobbies and even leaving you unable to do the job you once did.

Emotional effects

Car accidents are traumatic events. They are scary experiences, which can have lasting psychological and emotional effects on you. You may end up feeling anxious when you have to get into a car. This could be spurred by a form of post-traumatic stress.

You may also end up suffering from depression after your accident. This could be down to the injuries you’ve suffered or the fact you may not be able to work.

Brain injuries are relatively common car accident injuries. If you’ve suffered one, you may find that your personality undergoes a change, leaving you struggling to recapture the person you once were. This then has a resulting impact on your family and the rest of your life.

Financial effects

A car accident can have a severe impact on your finances. Accidents such as these comes with a number of related expenses, from those associated with the car to those relating to your physical health.

If you need a new car or have to pay for repairs to yours, your insurance may cover this, but you’ll be penalised when you need to renew your policy. Choosing to cover these costs without your insurance will mean potentially huge mechanic bills piling up.

You may find that you’re unable to work for a period – or perhaps even permanently – after your accident. This means you’re going to suffer a loss of earnings, making the financial difficulties you may be facing even more pronounced.

Car accidents can also leave you with major injuries, meaning you’ll have to find appropriate treatment. This can run up high costs, but it’s unavoidable since your health is the most important factor to take care of after a car accident.

As a result, it may be advisable to take legal advice and consider pursuing a legal case to help you get back to the position you were in prior to your crash.