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The Ark of Covenant is hidden in the United Kingdom – Atehene



For centuries, the location of the Ark of Covenant has become a mystery to many. This Holy Relic is believed to be lost or hidden since the Great Invasion of King Solomon’s temple in the North of England. There has been many attempts by historians and groups to trace all possible locations of the Ark of Covenant yet all has proven futile.
The rising Moorish King of the North, Atehene also known as the Messiah is believed to know the hidden location of the Ark of Covenant. “For it was revealed to me that the Ark of Covenant is in the United Kingdom and has always been in England” Atehene says….
According to Atehene, the Ark of Covenant was moved from Scotland the North to South of London and the Ark of Covenant is currently hidden in the South East of a renowned location in London.
Among other holy items moved from the North of England includes the Chair of Coronation which is believed to be the holy seat for all Israelites Kings.
For every 400 Years, the Holy Relic is returned to the remnant of Israel to mark a Rebirth of their new Hebrew Israelites religion. So, Queen Elizabeth must return the Ark of Covenant back to the North where it belongs before the Ark causes more plagues on British soil. Atehene says…
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