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The best men’s leather gloves you need when working this winter



If you are like most men, you have a few pairs of leather gloves that you use when working in the cold winter months. This winter, you do not need to dig through your closet to fish out the old pairs of knit gloves you have held for years. It is time to upgrade to a better leather pair. Most men believe that they do not have to spend any of their money on stuff like gloves or scarves when they already have them in their closet.

There is no problem with that. But if your hands nearly froze off last winter when travelling, you already know that the old gloves are not appropriate to wear around your boss. The Leather gloves are business approved and they will last for many. So, should you start searching for the best men’s leather gloves on the market today? No, we have done the work for you. Here is a list of functional, durable and warm leather gloves that will match your outfits. They are also inexpensive. Here is a complete buying guide.

  • Give’r Classic Give’r Gloves

The Jackson Hole –based company, Give’r, knows that people have different preferences. Some will want to spend a small amount of money on their leather gloves for winter but others can spend a large amount. Give’r has therefore created three variations of the Give’r Classic Give’r Gloves. The unlined lightweight pair retails at $29 and the heavy-duty 4-Season gloves retail at $114. The mid-priced $45 Classic Give’r Gloves might be your perfect choice. Give’r chose a yellow colour, hand-branded leather and warm insulation. You can have your initials burned into the pair you choose at no cost.

  • Red Wing Heritage Men’s Gloves

Leather gloves should be limited to one colour. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Gloves are available in brown, black and nutmeg colours. The manufacturer tans them more like the widely known Red Wing’s shoes. The sizes range from size small to extra-large. Choose the ones on the smaller side so that you can get something that fits you properly. Leather gloves tend to stretch with continued use. Moreover, the 40-gram Thinsulate lining adds to the warmth without making the gloves heavy.

  • Kinco Pigskin Leather Ski Gloves

If you love synthetic gloves, Kinco Pigskin Leather Ski Gloves will keep your hands warm this winter. It is made of synthetic materials and offers tough features, including Polartec and Omni-Heat. You can still order a pair of Ski Gloves made of leather. The pigskin leather is known to outlast both fabric and cowhide ski gloves. Expect leather patches on the fingers and the palm area because the areas get more wear and tear when skiing. To keep your fingers warm when skiing, the manufacturer fills the gloves with thermal lining.

  • Hestra Granvik

Granvik gloves from Hestra are made of elk leather and is lined with insulating wool terry, which is not only moisture-wicking but it also feels good. You will have four different colours to choose from including brown, black, olive green-brown and red-yellow combinations. Apart from the great style, the quick draw pull cord will seal your wrist from draughts and the elastic-backed inner section will hold the gloves in place as you continue with your work.

  • Denner Elkskin Unlined Glove

The low profile of Denner Elkskin Unlined Gloves differentiates them from the others in the market. They are designed for the brutally cold days or any other day you do not want to leave your house ungloved. Too much padding can leave your hands sweaty. So, the manufacturer adopted an unlined style to prevent the problem and to help you feel more through your fingers. The leather gloves for men are grippy and nice, so you will never worry about something dropping off your hands.

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