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The Brazilian artist Jéssica Gaspar launches her first EP called AMOR in which she shows her essence as a singer and songwriter!



Released on May 11, 2023, “Amor” is the first EP by Jéssica Gaspar, produced in honor of the heart of all mothers, their daughter, nature and everyone who fights for respect, health and peace.

This work brings together compositions by the artist that show her essence, how she feels and what she wants for herself and for the world. Featuring moments and songs that honor black ancestry, it explores her full voice potential, in live and almost acoustic versions. ‘Undressed’ of elements, her voice is the one that guides and with strength, happiness and beauty reveres Brazilian popular music.

After releasing two singles in 2022: Capim Dourado and Vão ter que pagar, Jessica shows another side as a singer.

AMOR is a work of art and peace.
Listen here!


Talented singer, songwriter and visual artist Jéssica Gaspar enchants with her lush voice, fresh beats and mesmerizing performances. In her concerts, Jessica really shines on powerfully beautiful tracks like “Deus é uma mulher negra” and “Abayomi”, delivering poetic lyrics with a confidence and ease that honor her recent arrival on the music scene.

Jéssica Gaspar, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a singer, songwriter, academic, visual artist, costume designer and Krumper. Her songs lead us to dive into the waters of the African diaspora in Brazil, a visceral encounter with Musicality; Corporeity; Axe; Ancestry; Memory and Love.

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