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The day I go into politics is the day I run mad- Blakk Rasta



Going into politics has become a common phenomenon for celebrities and well-known faces in Ghana. Big names like John Dumelo, Obour, Bibi Bright, Agya Koo, A-Plus, etc, have all expressed interest in politics either by campaigning for their favourite political parties, or contesting in elections themselves.

Although this may be a common thing, Musician and Radio Presenter, Blakk Rasta has stated emphatically that he will never venture into politics.

Blakk Rasta, who has been a big critic of governments that have come and gone does not see a future as a politician.

“The day I will come and tell you that I’m contesting elections that means have gone mad. It will mean I have lost it. It will mean I have sold out,” he said in an interview on Angel TV.


According to the “Our Africa” singer, he sees himself as a kingmaker and not the king himself.

“I see myself as a kingmaker, like Samuel, who God sent him to go and do this, go and anoint this and anoint that person and make him a king. That’s how I see myself. I‘m supposed to sit back and hold the whip and direct you and say, ‘Oh this person is good, push him’. The same way King Saul was not able to listen, and God took him off, it’s the same way,” he explained. 

A very firm Blakk Rasta also explained that his decision to stay off politics means that he’ll never go door to door to solicit for votes.

“I will never ever come to you and say vote for me because I want to be an MP or want to be a President. Even if a president is contesting and he calls me and says, ‘Black Rasta come and be a minister of blah blah[…]’, I won’t do it,” he stated.


Blakk Rasta noted that his only goal is to help people and advocate for what is right.

“The only thing I will do is to work underground with no post-conviction, that’s it. That’s what I want to do and be able to push people small, small. When some people see you advocating, and they say, ‘he wants to be a politician that’s why over the years the credibility only increases,” he said.


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