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WATCH: Lyrical Wars presents “The Electorate: Vote or Nope”



Lyrical Wars, a rap battle event organiser, releases their latest content video to encourage Ghanaians to vote during the elections.

ACCRA, December 1st, 2020 — The Electorate: Vote or Nope is a short video with rap lines written by Maxwell “Berch” Anokye and performed by Kizo Dripz and NaaSei in a barbering shop setting.

The Ghanaian society is about to experience another election and there is a debate especially among the youth about whether to vote or not vote. This may be as a result of people’s dissatisfaction with the contenders on the ballot. However, Lyrical Wars is of the view that Ghanaians have a civic duty to vote during elections — Ghanaians electorates are the decision makers and can only decide on their leader by casting their votes. By voting, Ghanaian electorates can hold their leaders accountable.


The Electorate: Vote or Nope is meant to serve a significant purpose for Lyrical Wars and Ghanaian electorates. Hip hop and battle rap, the core of all Lyrical Wars messaging, has been adapted as a PSA to promote civic duties. A creative play on words as usual with an objective to encourage the youth to vote in the upcoming elections. This is messaging relevant to a times within the Ghanaian society.


Lyrical Wars’ responsibility is to be a hip-hop advocate for the people, as is their mantra, On Behalf of The Culturewhile producing premium culturally diverse entertainment and advancing unity.


For more information please visit social media account:

Instagram: @lyricalwarsgh

Twitter: @lyricalwarsgh

Facebook: @lyricalwarsgh


Lyrical Wars is a hip hop and rap entertainment brand that was started by GRP Feats Limited and Third Eye Montage in 2014. It is seasonal event that has fostered a community of battle rap lovers and enthusiasts in Ghana. Its ultimate goal is to be the contemporary gateway to hip hop in Africa.

The Lyrical Wars calendar includes three major events: Lethal Dialogue, Body Bag Auction and The Main Event.



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