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The Electroland 'Bring Home Happiness' to create special cheers this Christmas



NASCO electronics under the ELECTROLAND ‘BRING HOME HAPPINESS” Foundation end of year Corporate Social Responsibility, will be embarking on a CHRISTMAS CHARITY giveaways by visiting some individuals, family and homes to surprise them with free electronics and appliances. At ELECTROLAND, it is our greatest desire and pleasure to always sell to people who come on a daily basis to buy from us, but the BIGGEST question we also ask ourselves each time is what happens to those that wish to own one or two of electronics but can’t afford? That is why in collaboration with Actress Belinda Dzattah on her BEL- SANTA project, we will extend our helping hand to them by giving back to the society. This kind gesture is geared towards putting a smile on the faces of a less previlegded family by furnishing the home with some home appliances/ electronics like TV, Refrigerator, Gas Cooker, iron, kettle, blender, rice cooker etc. We will also start up an individual by providing her with one of our display fridges to enable her start the water and drinks business she has always wished for but due to lack of finance that business idea is on hold. Our BRING HOME HAPPINESS CHARITY vehicle shall climax this act by randomly gifting other people with some NASCO products as well. Watch this space, you could be a lucky one too. NASCO…bring home happiness…]]>

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