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The Gold Coast Report: Championing Ghana Podcasting To The World



In the dynamic world of podcasting, Ghana is emerging as a vibrant hub of audio creativity, and at the forefront of this movement stands the Gold Coast Report (GCR). This dynamic digital media network has not only captured the hearts and ears of local listeners but has also become a global advocate for African podcasting.

GCR was founded by C. Kwadzo Afeku and Donald Aryee with the vision of making quality content easily accessible in the digital age; the network has rapidly expanded its footprint in the podcasting landscape. With a diverse range of shows covering topics from sports and social issues to entertainment and more, the network caters to a broad spectrum of interests.

With shows like “Sincerely Accra”, “After The Whistle”, “Sex and Sanity”, “Hairpins & Straights”, “Sunday Fufu”, “Is It Crack?”, “Free Your Mind”, and more in its portfolio, GCR continues to set the bar high for podcasting in Ghana and Africa as a whole. The network’s dedication to fostering open dialogue, amplifying underrepresented voices, and creating memorable live experiences exemplifies its commitment to pushing the boundaries of podcasting.

During a recent interview with “Hot Pod”, The Verge’s newsletter about podcasting and the audio industry, Kevin Y. Brown, Afripod’s Chief Content Officer and Head of Strategy, acknowledged GCR’s contributions to the podcasting landscape in Ghana and its mission to promote African podcasting to the world. This recognition from a leading industry figure underscores the network’s growing influence.

The Gold Coast Report: Championing Ghana Podcasting To The World

The Gold Coast Report: Championing Ghana Podcasting To The World

One of the standout shows produced by GCR is “Sincerely Accra”, which has gained significant traction both within Ghana and beyond. Produced by Kwame Asante Ofori and hosted by Joseph Nti, the podcast aims to spark candid conversations on various unfiltered topics affecting life in Ghana. With a focus on young adults (Millennials, and Generation Z), “Sincerely Accra” provides a unique platform for discussing the challenges and triumphs of these generations. It is Accra’s love letter to the world.

The recognition and impact of “Sincerely Accra” were further solidified when it was selected as one of the recipients of the Spotify Africa Podcast Fund in 2022. This grant not only highlights the quality of content produced by GCR but also underscores the global potential of African podcasting.

In February 2023, “Sincerely Accra” took a bold step by hosting its first live podcast session (SA Live) at Bloom Bar in Accra. This event featured Ghanaian musician Joey B as a special guest, showcasing the network’s commitment to engaging with its audience in innovative and interactive ways. “Sincerely Accra” has gone on to feature Sister Deborah, Cina Soul, J.Derobie and more in subsequent live sessions.

GCR’s commitment to promoting podcasting extends beyond its shows. The network hosts MOSAIC, a live podcast, music, and networking gathering designed to connect African audio creatives, educate attendees, and build a vibrant community. MOSAIC has quickly become a highlight on the Ghanaian cultural calendar, with its first two editions in 2021 and 2022 serving as platforms for both established and emerging talents.

In a digital age where audio content reigns supreme, the Gold Coast Report’s mission to champion Ghana podcasting to the world serves as a testament to the power of storytelling, creativity, and community-building through the medium of podcasting. As the network continues to evolve and expand its reach, it is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the global podcasting landscape.


Written by P. Dzidula Sedode

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