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“The Guys are Scared of me”- Eno on Why She is Single


“The Guys are Scared of me”- Eno on Why She is Single

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has revealed that she is single and searching and hoping that guys would muster the courage and approach her.

According to the rapper, a lot of men are scared of her hence, her been single.

Eno who was speaking on the Daybreak Hitz show revealed to host Andy Dosty that “the guys are scared of me”.

The “Fear no man” rapper added that this could be as a result of her being a “tomboy”.

“some of them think the way I am, that’s how I am, maybe, I’ll beat them or something they are scared of me … you know I am a tomboy”, she added.

Eno also shared what qualities she would love in a man:

“you see me I need a guy who can rule, lead, respectable, you know what I mean. The way I am, if you are very soft guy I might overrule you so I need an Asante type of guy,” she added.

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