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The Media is to be Blamed for "beefs" in the Industry- Edem



Rapper-Edem Rapper-Edem[/caption] Rapper Edem, is not too pleased with the current “beefs” in the industry and blames it on the media. According to the “Ayigbe” rapper, the media is to be blamed for projecting the “negative vibes”. In an interview with Graphic Showbiz whilst promoting his upcoming “Edemfest”,  the rapper mentioned that he is not too impressed with the the new developments in the industry. “Personally, I don’t think there’s a need to pit the talents of artistes against one another. This is because every artiste has their strength and what they have that appeal to the masses. For this reason, it will be out of place to think that one is better than the other. “Besides, music is just like sportsmanship where every contender thinks he or she is better than the opponent. You will never raise your opponent higher or better than you and I know I’m the best in my field. That is why the media has to concentrate more on the positive vibes in the industry,” he said. The “Koene” hit maker also mentioned that he was not entirely against “beefs” since Ghanaians were tolerant and could handle their differences and differing views about their favourite artistes. Starting off his career with Twi as the dominant language in the industry,  Edem, whose real name is Denning Edem Hotor, managed to survive and make his mark in the industry rapping in the “Ewe” dialect. Nine years down the line, Edem remains the artiste who championed and made Ewe music attractive on the Hiplife scene, and for that Edem said he deserved all the accolades for being a trailblazer. “Until my arrival on the scene, little attention was given to songs in the minority languages. Today, the likes of Fancy Gadam and Maccasio are all making hits because I set the pace,” he said. Edemfest, comes off on November 2.]]>

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