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The new FieldSense technology in Madden 23



The annual Madden franchise is currently in uncharted territory with its latest installment, Madden NFL 23. A legend of American football both on and off the field, the man whose name was synonymous with the franchise, John Madden, passed away just before the year 2022 began. As a result, the game that was released this year is the first Madden game since he passed away. It is obvious that EA Sports wanted to pay tribute to the individual, and the company has done an outstanding job of doing so. The remaining portions of the game, on the other hand, have more of an impression of aimlessly going through the motions.

The presentation of Madden NFL 23 and the commentary that plays during each game contribute significantly to the overall impression that players get of participating in a genuine madden 23 blitz promo. The process of controlling players, on the other hand, is unremarkable and conforms to the tired old Madden stereotype that bedevils the franchise each and every year. When it functions properly, the new FieldSense technology in Madden 23, which represents the game’s most significant gameplay advancement, is fantastic; however, when it does not, it can be extremely frustrating. Sadly, the second possibility is much more likely to materialize than the first.

Completing challenges in Ultimate Team or guiding custom characters to victory in Face of the Franchise are both fun things to do in the Madden game that was released this year, so the game wasn’t a complete failure. The problem is that Madden 23 does not have anything that distinguishes it from its previous iterations, which means that the fun will only last for a finite amount of time. Continue reading for our comprehensive analysis of Madden NFL 23.

Experienced Madden players will feel as though they are starting over on a bicycle after being away for a year when they turn on Madden NFL 23 for the first time. This feeling of being at home is ultimately beneficial, as it enables players to get started with relatively little effort on their part. Fans who are not familiar with Madden will have a steeper learning curve, particularly due to the new artificial intelligence (AI) and animation systems, but the game’s fundamental controls are not difficult to master. When playing against the computer, it won’t be too difficult to string together a scoring drive after some time has passed.


The aforementioned FieldSense, which is an overhaul of the fundamental gameplay technology under the hood, is the most significant new feature included in Madden NFL 23. From the manner in which running backs carry the ball to the exchanges that take place between offensive and defensive players, FieldSense is designed to lend an additional dimension of realism to the overall experience. There are fleeting instances in which those goals are realized, but the overall system is plagued by a lack of consistency that makes it difficult to make Madden 23 coins.

Gang tackles serve as an excellent metaphor for FieldSense’s many shortcomings. Occasionally, the animations have a fluid quality, such as when multiple defenders tackle a running back at the line of scrimmage. At other times, the person carrying the ball seems to ping-pong off of multiple people before eventually falling down on his own. When it is functioning properly, the FieldSense system gives the impression of being very impressive, which contributes to the simulation’s sense of realism. However, if FieldSense isn’t working properly, it completely destroys any sense of immersion you may have had before.

Because the new ball-aiming features are not nearly as revolutionary as they have been made out to be, the passing game is even more unreliable than it already was. Through a combination of button presses that don’t quite make sense to the naked eye, Madden NFL 23 enables players to aim a pass with pinpoint accuracy. It has the feel of a system that was designed specifically for competitive Madden players: While holding down a trigger button and pressing a shoulder button and pressing the button that corresponds to the intended receiver and aiming the pass with an analog stick, the player must perform all of these actions simultaneously.(This is actually one of the choices available to you.)However, this system causes more frustration than anything else for a fan who only watches the game occasionally. It feels like a slap in the face to watch the screen display the words “perfect accuracy” as a pass sail into the hands of an opponent player while at the same time watching the pass be intercepted.

The first portion of Madden NFL 23, which is referred to as the Madden Legacy game, is an incredible homage to John Madden. It takes the form of a simulated tutorial. The game claims that the rosters feature some of Madden’s all-time favorite players, and the teams compete in one of two conferences: the National Football Conference (NFC) or the American Football Conference (AFC). In terms of serving as a tutorial, it is effective. However, in terms of paying tribute, it is without a doubt one of the most touching eulogies that a content game has ever presented. Although Madden Legacy does not in and of itself justify the purchase price of the game, the production value is very high.


There are a few distinct paths to take when it comes to the remaining aspects of the game’s content. Play Now exhibition modes; a franchise mode that lets you manage the team as you progress through seasons; a story mode called Face Of The Franchise; and Madden Ultimate Team, the microtransaction-riddled, card-based build-a-team mode that has been the focus of the series for a while now. These are the different game modes that are available to you in the Madden video game series. A few of these modes are also available to be played over the internet.

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