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The One Show season 4 premieres March 5



PY Addo-Boateng and Joselyn Dumas are back with a brand new and exciting season of The One Show on Viasat 1, starting Monday, March 5. Flanked by their ever entertaining and vocal co-host Chantelle Asante on Date Night, The One Show team will travel from one topic to another in every episode, creating fun, laughter and informative banter. “There’s a lot to love about magazine TV shows such as The One Show. In 45 minutes you learn so many different things about life. Some of it leaves the viewer in awe. Some of it touches you emotionally and some teach you a few things you may have always wondered about. In Season Four of the One Show, we have created segments that are sometimes light and fun and others that provide some good valuable arguments. Altogether this season provides entertaining elements in the most unpredictable fashion!” Comments Viasat 1 CEO, Charlotte Gustavsson. Season IV of The One Show continues its quest to broaden the scope and reach of the show. “Everyone can watch and enjoy The One Show. We continue to bring you a wide selection of African superstars who express their innate desires to succeed in such an infectious manner! It is such a great pleasure to watch! I’m proud to be able to create such an interactive TV format for Ghana and Africa! says Ama K Abebrese, Head of Own Productions of Viasat 1. “It’s been an amazing 3 season run and I’m very excited about season 4!” comments host Joselyn Dumas. “Just watch out for a bigger, more mature and more fun One Show this season around” says co-host PY Addo-Boateng. Season IV of the One Show is divided into 6 segments – Look Who’s Talking, Your Say, The Panel, Star Guest, PY’s Fives, Joselyn’s Hot Tips, Date Night and Taste Of.  The One Show premieres Monday 5 March 2012 and airs Monday – Thursday at 5:30pm.  ]]>


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Top 3 Reasons for Using Glass Tiles for Your Home



Tiles can take the overall appearance of your house to the next level. If you are also considering installing new tiles in your home, you must be looking for various tile options. With a number of options available on the market, it can become a bit confusing to decide which one to choose. Well, we are here to help you and tell you why choosing glass tiles can be a great option for your home.

A lot of people prefer choosing ceramic tiles for their homes. But you will be surprised to learn about the number of reasons you should opt for glass tiles. There are a lot of advantages of choosing glass tiles over other types of tiles. This is especially true if you are looking for tiles for the backsplash, flooring, and walls of small spaces. These tiles are available in different sorts of sizes and colors. If you are still wondering whether you should choose glass tiles or not, keep reading this post. Here are some of the best reasons why choosing glass tiles for your home is a great idea.

Reason 1. Glass tiles can make a small space appear larger

One of the biggest advantages of using glass tiles is that they can make even a small space appear larger. Glass tiles are different from opaque ceramic tiles. These tiles are more translucent. That means they can reflect and bounce more light throughout the space where you install them. It happens in a way that makes the room or that space appear larger and brighter. So, if you have a room that does not get too much sunlight, you should consider installing glass tiles in that room. They can make that room appear brighter.

Reason 2. You do have to worry about your tiles absorbing water

The second great reason to choose glass tiles is that they do not absorb water. On the other hand, ceramic tiles have a rating of water absorption of around 0.5 to 3 percent. But that is not the case with glass, as it is totally impervious to water. Glass tiles have a water absorption rate of zero. This makes these tiles resistant to mold, mildew, and the growth of bacteria. So, if you are looking to install tiles in your bathroom and kitchen, glass tiles are your best choice.

Reason 3. They are easy to clean

The biggest advantage of glass tiles is that they are extremely easy to clean. While you do not have to worry about the accumulation of mildew, bacteria, and mold, you will not have to worry about cleaning the tiles either. Whether there is any food strain, grime, or grease, you can wipe it away very easily. No longer do you have to keep on scrubbing. Just get a damp cloth and some cleaner to keep your tiles looking new.

Final words

Glass tiles are a great choice for homes. The above-mentioned reasons explain some of the top advantages of using glass tiles for home.

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Use of Custom Shipping Boxes as Subscription Boxes, Learn Why



When the goods arrive at customers’ doorsteps. Then either they will be very excited or completely vice-versa. It’s because the packaging attracts the customers and indeed eye-catching packaging will have a great impact. Here, custom shipping boxes have a major role in influencing customers. In addition, these customized boxes are highly used as subscription boxes.


Subscription Boxes Work for Brand Identity

Packaging has evolved; earlier the simple containers made up of wood or steel were used. But now, a lot of changes have been made. Today’s packaging features security, lightweight, and custom designs matching one’s brand theme.


With an increasing number of companies, competition has reached great heights. So, it’s challenging for entrepreneurs to make their business stand out from their competitors. For every product, there will be some substitute which is offered by the competitor. So, delivering uniqueness means to tell consumers why they should choose your brand over others and is a highly brainstorming work. Packaging is a great tool to offer uniqueness and let the brand shine louder. Using custom boxes as subscription boxes is a smart move and works best for brand identification.


What Type of Packaging Options Come in Personalized Shipping Boxes

Almost every item requires proper coverage as it can be destroyed or damaged while shipping is in the process. This will be heart-wrenching for customers to see the damaged product reach their doorstep. So, it’s the responsibility of the seller to follow the most secured packaging option when it comes to boxes.


➤Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes deliver the best protection to all items. They are mostly chosen by the sellers and considered to be an ideal method of shipping the items. However, the box may differ in size depending on the product size. Generally, it has enough space and has a cushioning layer on every side to keep the product safe till it reaches the customer.


➤Double Boxes

Another subscription box chosen by the vendors is double boxes. As the name suggests, there are two boxes. The exterior box is covered with cushioning material to deliver extra protection to the ordered product. The inner box is kept on top of the cushioning material. Then the outer box is fastened with tape adequately.


➤Padded Bags

Padded bags are also a suitable option for subscription services. But it is only limited to the vendors dealing in books, floppy disks, etc. To add additional strength, the package is covered with bubble film.


Corrugated is a Worthy Packaging

As discussed above, corrugated boxes are often used as subscription boxes. It’s because every company desires something unique that remains forever in the minds and hearts of customers. This spacious box meets the organizational objective. One can go for customization and experience an aesthetic corrugated box.


In addition, when the customers receive the packages, they put them on their social media feeds or stories. It’s due to their beautiful look and makes them feel worth purchasing.


Now, one can better understand why custom boxes are used as subscription boxes.




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#YHolidayHavoc: PineXGinja – The Party that connects Ghana and Jamaica



Ghana and Jamaica share many cultural similarities in music, food, heritage among others. The cultural connection between Accra and Kingston is one that resonates with the local people in the two cities and others with African and Caribbean roots.


PineXGinja (Pine and Ginger) is the ultimate merger of Ghanaian and Jamaican cultures, using music and performance to bring out authentic vibes for the lovers of the vibrant aspect of Jamaican culture, in Accra, Ghana.


PineXGinja is the biggest Jamaican themed party in Ghana – a beautifully blended, riveting experience, infused with Jamaican and Ghanaian cultures.


In its 3rd year, one of PineXGinga’s differentiating factors is the music. The event assembles the best DJs from around the world: Jamaica, U.K. and Ghana. This year’s party comes-off 24th December at the Pearly Gate Gardens in East Legon, Accra.


It is one of the events partnering with YFM under the #YHolidayHavoc initiative.


Lakeshia Ford, CEO of Ford Communications and Co-Founder of PineXGinja said “After taking a year off due to COVID, we are excited to join forces with YFM for the 3rd edition of PineXGinja. With this partnership, we expect to connect with our audience in a way that truly celebrates our cultures.”


As Ghana’s leading urban and music radio, YFM is excited to partner such an event that connects two great cultures. As a media outfit, we will use our resources to support PineXGinja in order to give patrons a unique experience.


PineXGinja is the ultimate merger of Ghanaian and Jamaican cultures, using music and performance to bring to you straight vibes for the lovers of the vibrant aspect of Jamaican culture, in Accra, Ghana, and Kingston, Jamaica. Follow us on all social media @PinexGinja for more info.


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Ghana’s Nana Danso Features in Johnnie Walker’s ‘The Ones Who Keep Walking’ film



Ghanaian self-taught Artist Nana Danso Awuah-Asante has been featured in a film put together by Johnnie Walker, the world’s best-selling-Scotch, and Forbes 30 under 30 filmmaker, Amarachi Nwosu.


The Ones Who Keep Walking film showcases inspiring stories of the creators and collectives who are turning the attention of the world to Africa. Through never heard stories and in-depth conversations, the film reveals how fresh creative energy, sheer determination, and a pioneering spirit is bringing authentic African expression to the world.


The film features more than 20 defiantly optimistic voices across Africa including self-taught Ghanaian artist Nana Danso Awuah-Asante.


Nana Danso Awuah-Asante is a Ghanaian contemporary artist whose art has gained recognition through his endless cast of characters and personalities; these address a broad spectrum of universal and existential philosophies with childlike appeal. His childlike strokes and elementary shapes recall the simple yet complex imaginations of the human psyche, laying bare the limitless possibilities of how one can perceive the world.


Nana Danso is a self-taught artist who began painting and creating art extensively as an outlet for coping with anything. As art depicts life, Nana Danso’s symbolism portrays the reaction between the world and him. His work fuses aspects of storytelling, poetry combined with an impressionist and pop-art visual look.


This new feature film is part of an ongoing global roll-out of the next chapter in their iconic Keep Walking campaign and a follow-up to the release of The Man Who Walked Around the World in November 2020.


Additionally, it sets out to explore what the next 200 years of Keep Walking can look like and explores what happens when people can liberate themselves creatively, and the rich vibrant world it creates when there are those freedoms.


Produced by Something™ Originals and a team of 200+ creatives and talent from across Africa, The Ones Who Keep Walking picks up on the closing provocation of The Man Who Walked Around the World – ‘what’s next?’ – to shine a light on those who embody the spirit of Keep Walking and who, on their terms, are forging a bold new direction for their countries, cultures and the World.


The film was recently premiered in Accra at the Enclave Gardens in East Legon on a giant screen, amidst sipping and cool vibes.


The Media-led premiere will be happening in Kumasi to spread the message of ‘The Ones Who’ across multiple walks of life. You can watch the trailer for The Ones Who Keep Walking here:


Official Hashtags: #JohnnieWalker #KeepWalking #TheOnesWho



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Shaping Ghana’s Innovative Future – Absa Bank’s NSMQ partnership



For close to three decades, the National Science & Maths Quiz (NSMQ) has consistently become a platform for corralling an entire country together. It reflects a strong sense of connection and continues to positively impact the youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


As a bank that believes in bringing possibilities to life, Absa’s headline association with the NSMQ brand has also contributed to the overall success of the competition over the years. This year’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable and full of thrills. From the regional qualifiers to the regional championships and the National Competition, Ghana has witnessed a mixed bag of cheers, laughter, teasing, trolling, celebration and even tears.


Beyond the excitement and euphoria, a bank like Absa views its association with the platform, as a way of empowering and encouraging the general acceptance and practice of STEM education across the country. It is also a way of highlighting the role a bank can play in a society beyond a quest for high performance and profits.  Adding to this, Absa Bank also sees it as a way of supporting students who are able to rise above the challenging moments and make it to the high-noon of the competition.


“We are huge admirers of relentless perseverance and dedication to getting things done. These are the traits that chime with our Africanacity spirit. The NSMQ never disappoints. The competition is fierce and unending. We are always motivated to continuously associate with this brand and to support the growth and transformation of young talents in STEM education” remarked Nana Essilfuah Tamakloe, Marketing and Corporate Relations Director at Absa Bank Ghana.


As part of its lead sponsorship of the NSMQ this year, Absa Bank Ghana presented cash prizes of GHs40,000 to the overall winner, Prempeh College, and additional prizes of GHs30,000 and GHs20,000 to PRESEC – Legon and Keta SHTS, which placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in line with the Absa Special Awards for Excellence. Additionally, the Absa Money Zone – a stroke of inspiration by the bank – awarded competing schools throughout the quarter-final, semi-final and grand-final stages with various cash prizes.


To ensure a deeper impact on the youth, Absa’s partnership with the NSMQ this year, also included the STEM Festival, which was designed to give students the opportunity to apply the theories in STEM to solve societal challenges. This was achieved through the Sci-Tech Fair & Innovation Challenge which encouraged the youth to explore and showcase their innovative ideas. The Mentorship sessions of the festival on the, other hand, exposed the youth to various career paths in STEM education.


As the world fully embraces a strong and dynamic technological culture, interspersed with rapid transformation and innovation, STEM education is more critical now than ever.


“We have a huge role to play in ensuring that Ghana takes a dominant place in the global landscape in terms of creativity and innovation. We are key partners with government in national development and our partnership with Primetime and the Ghana Education Service reinforces this. We shall continue to be at the forefront of helping to shape the future of our youth and in promoting Science, Technology and Mathematics. It is a commitment we do not take lightly at all”, added Nana Essilfuah Tamakloe.


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Outback Steakhouse vs. Longhorn Steakhouse: Who Has the Better Steaks?



Back in the old days, going to a fine dining establishment was necessary if you’re planning to enjoy a good steak. But that was then and this is now, and today you don’t really have to shell out the serious bucks to enjoy some seriously fine steaks.

Chain restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and Longhorn Steakhouse have seen to that. Who needs 5-star restaurants when these brands have hundreds of locations to serve the steak cravings of their customers? These two brands are among the biggest steakhouse chains in the entire US.

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy a good steak these days. These steakhouse brands became popular for good reasons—they sure serve good steaks. But that just leads to the natural question: which brand offers the better steaks?

Visiting the Outback

With Outback Steakhouse, the main theme here is unsurprisingly Australian. There’s an implied promise that the steaks here would be considered great by the likes of Crocodile Dundee. If you’re that rough and ready dude that’s looking for some action, you need these steaks to fuel you up, and the flavors should match your taste buds.

From the outside, Outback doesn’t exactly look Australian, though. Even when you enter the location, it’s not as if you’ve entered a portal to Down Under. But the vibe was nice, with paneled wooden booths to give it an outdoorsy feel. There are also framed photos of the actual Outback on the walls, along with the almost obligatory pictures of kangaroos.

The server who attended to our needs was quite friendly, like how you’d expect the Australians to be when you visit their country. The server was nicely attentive, and also quite useful.

The bread presentation was notable, and the nifty knife evoked that famous Crocodile Dundee scene (“That’s not a knife. This is a knife!”). The hot honey-oat bread was sweet and airy, which we didn’t really wasn’t that hard to spread the whipped butter on it, and eating the bread didn’t really fill us up. That’s good, as that’s the steak’s job.

We went with a margarita as well. In fact, we picked the regular house margarita, which Outback calls the Sauza Gold Coast ‘Rita. It was a bit sweet for our taste, but it wasn’t bad.

But on to the food. We picked the bone-in ribeye steak cooked medium rare. And with it, we also asked for the house salad, along with some loaded baked potatoes and steamed veggies.

We also got the fabled Bloomin’ Onion, and that horseradish sauce was just fantastic. It was savory and spicy, and nicely tart.

With the 24-ounce steak, you might mistake the black stuff on top as char. But that’s actually the spice mixture, which sure tasted great. But somehow, it felt like it was compensating for the quality of the steak itself. We encountered lots of tough sinew, and in some areas, there were perhaps a bit too much salt.

All in all, it was expensive, and the steak didn’t quite live up to our expectations. Perhaps our expectations were set too high, due to the catchy commercials and those prices. All in all, it was good—but we just wanted something better.

Visiting Longhorn

Longhorn Steakhouse doesn’t have as many locations as Outback, but it’s widely considered as the top of the casual steakhouse segment. The Longhorn brand name evokes images of Texas, but the brand actually originated from Georgia.

It was dark and sleek inside. The overall vibe is like visiting the hunting lodge of some Texan oil baron who owns a ranch. That’s because there are also lots of horse sculptures all over the place.

The service wasn’t as great compared to Outback’s, at least in our case. We were presented with the bread, but we didn’t get a bread knife. We had to use the steak knife for the bread, but the steak knife just proved too heavy for the bread.

That was emblematic of the entire service here in Longhorn. There wasn’t really any sort of helpful server who attended to our needs.

As for the appetizer, we tried the Wild West Shrimp. That means we got plain popcorn shrimp with jalapeño slices and pickled peppers on top. It was better than we expected, with the shrimp fried to utter perfection.

But what about the steak? What we got was a bit smaller, weighing just 14 ounces. The bone-in ribeye featured some salty white butter. That was nice, though hardly needed. The steak also came with some sinew, but at least it wasn’t as gristly as the Outback steak.

It as noticeably watery, however. It wasn’t cooked evenly, and there wasn’t enough salt. All in all, it was a disappointment as well.

Final Words

Perhaps we were expecting a bit too much when we came back to these restaurants, after the long pandemic absence. The food wasn’t as good as we had hoped. It wasn’t bad, but perhaps they’ll improve this time.

So, where should you go? We did prefer the Outback experience, as the server attentiveness was very nice. The Longhorn offered great food as well, though the steak was the notable exception. All in all, it was average steak for both places!


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