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The rise and rise of Ghanaian-Canadian supermodel, Nini Amerlise



She is a woman on fire, blazing the trail for the young generation to chase their purpose and potential. This iconic sensation has been seen on countless red carpets, a fashion icon, Activist, Celeb Award winning Supermodel and TV presenter. Nini Amerlise made her mark in the Canadian Market, representing boldly as a Ghanaian – Jamacian beauty, authentic and unapologetically true to who she is. Nini uses her platform to talk about controversial topics such as skin bleaching, colourism, domestic abuse and faith in her empowerment sessions, leaving her audience to probe and reflect on one’s personal journey towards growth.

For many she is an inspiration and beautiful example of selflessness and embodiment of self love. Nini practices wholesome affirmations and readily avails herself to teach others on their journey. Recently, Nini Amerllse took home two awards “Best Canadian model of the year ” & Philanthropy recognition “ Using Talent to Impact Women ” honours at the AFRIFAMU Awards held in Los Angeles in March 2020. She stunned us with her radiance on the red carpet as she was also invited as a host that evening, interviewing some of the most elaborate diginiaties and talent. While peaking our interest this is why we want to delve deeper and learn more about what makes this International Supermodel so unique?

9 time award winning embodying the famous quote ​“Beauty you’re born with, but brains you earn.”―​ Jay Kristoff, ​Nevernight​ . She is an entrepreneur, creatively inclined , innovative, , diligent, strategist and detail oriented; she parlays a background the of season one winner of “Supermodel Canada” series and an exceptional runway/commercial model and on screen Actress making an appearance in popular Netflix Series “ Self-made” inspired by Madame CJ walker.

A Esteem Advocate, out of Nini’s ashes of severe domestic abuse and bullying came a drive to empower the youth and women after much mentoring, which lead to the establishment of “We Are Royals” inc – A nonprofit organization seeking to develop the esteem and confidence in youth through arts and culture in and across North America, West Africa and the Caribbean diaspora.

Nini hopes to make the organization in full effect employing over 300-500 employees and volunteers by 2021. Nini’s inspiring leadership has also led to the creation of multiple workshops and classes that are interchangeably available virtually and in physical lectures. Offering mentorship from top tier instructors and industry professionals. The Non profit has a Television and media sector that is currently in development for expansion; with goals to reach and expound into the global market to further the grounds of extensive mentorship in a uniquely creative and interactive way.

International Supermodel Nini Amerlise has been featured on major publications like ​Vogue UK, Flare magazine, Be Body Aware Campaign for Vogue Italia, Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, Jamaican Gleaner, Current fashion contributor for Glam Africa magazine as of June 2020, Hype Hair magazine, Fashion Forward, Men’s health Magazine, and has been featured on 10 international magazine covers to date.

Ofuure catalog

She has played major roles in commercials and tv shows, making her first onscreen appearance on Global TV for designer Ocean Avenue in April 2015, she went on to strut in the​ Golden Button fashion television series hosted by Adebayo Jones in March 2016, which opened doors to empower Caribbean

youth via Trinidad’s GT Network, Her advocacy continued on CTV – Diversity in Fashion as a Panelist, Impact Radio in Los Angeles, appeared in multiple episode for fashion series on Slice TV “STITCHED” and took home the winning prize, modelled in Marshalls commercials, Advocated on ETV South Africa and is currently contracted as the new TV Host for Travel Africa Network, where she gives us a tour into the luxury safari’s throughout the African Diaspora. In addition, ​She was recently selected by the West African Fashion Council to join the board of directors to help influence and redefine the world’s perception of African fashion and talent, through a series of development initiatives, seminars, collaboration and events.

Nini began her career at the age of 20 receiving her first award recorded as” Top Model “ 2015 at the Miss international city pageant. She was nominated by the African Fashion Industry Awards in Toronto as “Rising Star Model of the year “ and Won in August 2016. She then propelled to fame in 2017 after winning season one of the “Supermodel Canada” series, making her the first black Supermodel in Canadian history to win a model competition of such a caliber. Runway became Nini’s staple, walking in over 70 shows with no slowing down. She often receives direct bookings and has worked with notable designers including Ofuure, Kaela Kay, Rocky Gathercole who is known for creating elaborate custom designs for Beyonce, Katy perry and Nikki Minaj, and celebrity designer Michael Kuluva of Tumbler and Tipsy. After she opened his show in 2017 she made news in the tabloids and was spotted in Glamour magazine.

Nini’s catwalk is easily compared to a panthers prowl, strong yet graceful and ready to knock you off your feet. She dazzled beautifully at the Inaugural Classic New York Gala hosted by Mario lopez wearing a nicely fit gold and black evening gown 2018, in addition to some our favourite stand out moments includes Los Angeles and New York fashion week, South Africa’s pink polo , International Fashion encounter featuring top designers from dubai, both Toronto women and Men’s fashion week, Caribbean Fashion week, African Fashion week and she has also been invited to multiple private screenings and conferences for top prestigious events in the world including Women in Mice Empowerment in Ghana, and Vigor Unsung hero awards in which she was also honoured as the recipient of the “Top international achievement “award in 2018.

She was invited to speak at the “I am woman, hear me roar, see me !” and was celebrated for her philanthropy work recognized by the Canadian member of parliament Gary Anandasangaree as a Canadian Activist bridging communities together, both locally and internationally.

Along with such achievements, Nini has a strong academic background in Graphic Design as she holds a Advanced Diploma from Seneca at York University in May 2013, along with Theological studies graduating in leadership in ministry from Supernatural Life Institute in September 2018.

As a brilliant minded black woman, she utilized her interdisciplinary skills in Talent Management and media Production in hopes to encourage more entrepreneurs of African & Caribbean diaspora to aspire after one’s full potential.

A visionary, Nini has used her entrepreneurial knowledge to successfully launch NA Management inc, a talent and development company she founded a few months ago.

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Photo credit – Enzo romero Make up – kinga king

Stylist – paul langil
Fashion designer – Fredson silva aguda Hair stylist -Bernard Smiles


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5 Tips for Looking Effortlessly Stylish



5 Tips for Looking Effortlessly Stylish

Style is of immense importance to so many of us today. However, it can be a struggle to rummage through your closet and put together an outfit with the perfect trendy accessories to create a stylish look. Who doesn’t want to look effortlessly stylish, right? We’ve crafted a few tips that will never fail you to look stylish even if you have 10 minutes before you walk out the door. Here are five tips that will help you look effortlessly chic:

  • Chains Can Transform Anything:

When it comes to effortless yet jaw-dropping, chains are a great option. There are different types of gold chains for you to choose from. If not that, you can always pick out a classy silver chain instead. The sizes of the chain depend on your preference and whatever you feel the most stylish in. Some of our favorite chains are mentioned below:

  • Cuban Link Chains:

These chains can be small and delicate or big and bulky. Both looks are fabulous and incredibly stylish. We love the look they give and how they can easily be layered with other necklaces even if they aren’t chained necklaces. Feel free to experiment because these chains are very forgiving. If you want some of the most fabulous Cuban link chains out there, check this out!

  • Snake Chains:

Snake chains are delicate chains that fall beautifully on your neck. These settle down and produce a unique and gorgeous look. They are often worn as chokers along with longer necklaces. However, you can wear it alone for a chic and stylish yet effortless look. The best part about snake chains is that they go with almost any outfit. You could pair it with a casual denim jacket for an everyday look or even a formal dress for a work dinner.

  • Rope Chains:

Rope chains are some of the more popular chains out there. Numerous people wear them because of how easily it allows you to take an ordinary outfit to the next level. Put one of these chains over your regular clothes and turn them into a stylish look. Rope chains are a must in every closet if you’re looking for style.

  • The Right Bag:

An accessory we often forget the importance of is a bag. They come in all shapes and sizes, which is why there is an endless possibility of options that can make your outfit look stylish in an instant. Of course, the type of bag you pick depends on the occasion you’re going to, but if you picked the right bag, you could kiss another bad outfit day goodbye. Here are some tips for picking the right bag:

  • Clutches:

Have an evening out with a special someone? Perhaps you can’t figure out how to look stylish enough at a formal event? A clutch is an answer to all your troubles. Carry this little bag, and it’ll make your outfit shine.

  • Cross bodies:

Cross-body bags are the way to go for a casual day. You can sling it over your shoulder or wear it across your body. The long strap makes them easy to carry and allows you to make yourself feel and look much more stylish.

  • Totes:

Looking for a bag for a casual day at the office? A tote bag is a game-changer for something stylish yet formal. These look good with any outfit and add a little extra flair to your clothes. Adding a tote bag makes anything look stylish.

  • Add a Cute Hat:

Do you feel as if your outfit is lacking? Maybe it feels like you’re missing something that would tie it all together? The answer to all your worries maybe a hat. Whether a simple bucket hat or a beanie, a hat is a perfect accessory to make your outfit stand out. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

  • Bucket hats:

This cute addition is perfect for a casual summer look. No matter what you wear, a bucket hat can make it look way more stylish. They come in a range of colors for you to choose from. All you need to do is pick the right size.

  • Beanies:

If you want a casual winter look, pick out a beanie. These hats will instantly make you look edgy and stylish. Fold it to make it smaller or let it hang; it’ll look amazing no matter what.

  • Statement Earrings Steal the Show:

When in doubt, always opt for the earrings. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a pair that goes with every outfit you have. No matter what the occasion, a pair of beautiful earrings is bound to make everything better.

We recommend a statement piece. These will help you stand out, and you’ll be flooded with compliments as you feel like the most stylish person in the room!

  • Stacked Rings for a Subtle Yet Stylish Look:

If a big show isn’t your thing, bring the party to your hands! Stacking rings will make people wonder how you seem to be so stylish yet so effortless. No matter what the occasion, rings are never a bad idea. Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, there is something for everyone. 

Try out knuckle rings, fancy ones, simple ones, or even statement pieces. With gorgeous rings, the sky is the limit. You can even make your rings at home with a few beads and some wire. Everyone loves a little DIY project they can wear.


When it comes to effortless style, accessories are the best way to amp up your look. No matter what you’re getting dressed for or how much time you have, these five quick and straightforward tips can make you look effortlessly stylish instantly. Our favorite part is how it hardly takes any access time to add these items to your current look. Grab these fabulous items now and get ready to


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Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2021 – What to expect



Ghana’s biggest fashion event is back with its ninth edition – a week of all things fashion: seminars, presentations, exhibitions, photo shoots and runway shows. It is slated to take place from 21st to 24th October, 2021. The theme for GAFW21 is Creativity and Sustainability.

As always, Glitz Africa has an exciting lineup of activities for fashion industry players – designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers and enthusiasts alike for GAFW21. They include:

Beauty Forum – this is an exclusive side event to the Fashion Week; an engagement opportunity for beauty entrepreneurs and to interact with beauty enthusiasts about their products and services.

Free Street – this is a fun casual fashion show highlighting streetwear designs and collections in Accra.

Business of Fashion Seminar – It is a forum which brings together industry players to discuss relevant issues and trends in fashion with fashion students and young designers.

Presentations – Fashion enthusiasts get an up-close opportunity to examine the fashion/accessory collection on the models.

Runway shows – the shows crown the Fashion Week with stunning designs showcased by Ghanaian and African designers to a diverse crowd of influencers, media, celebrities, socialites and industry stakeholders.


If you are a designer looking for the platform to give you the needed exposure into your designs, look nowhere else. Book your slot today.


Pre-order your early bird tickets to enjoy this year’s GAFW and have a fashion experience of a lifetime.

For enquiry, kindly call 0501581265/0501581260 or send an email to






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Tips To Identify Quality Pakistani Dresses



Are you in the market for Pakistani dresses? The South East Asia region fashion landscape is impressive, inspired by ages of culture, passed from one generation to the next. While the exciting fashion pieces are appealing, you need to be prepared as you hit the market. With all sorts of knock-offs, replicas, master copies, and original items, you have to be on top of your game to ensure that you identify and buy quality Pakistan dresses. Here are straightforward tips to help you identify quality Pakistani dresses.

Learn the lingo

Knowing the difference is a good starting point. For instance, knock-offs are basically poor versions of the original, selling at a low price. While not as good as the original, replicas can be of good quality, especially from reputable brands. Master copy is usually at least 80% similar to an original. From the fabric to embroidery, the items are almost a copy of the original but cost a little lower. The original is a no-brainer; nonetheless, many people stay away due to the significant financial implication. They are costly, making it harder to keep up with the trends, especially noting how fast an item can get out of fashion.

While the stores might not volunteer the information, learning the lingo comes in handy. For instance, you can learn a lot from user reviews, helping you establish if the store sells quality items. It’ll also help you as you compare prices, as you won’t fall for those irresistible prices since you’ll have an idea about the fair price of a Pakistani dress.

Check the fabric

The label should be the first check while shopping. If you are shopping in a physical store, touch and feel the fabric. Online is a little tricky, but the description should provide you with all the needed details. Avoid vendors who don’t provide detailed dress descriptions. Read through the label and description and only stick with quality fabric. Natural fabric is the go-to. Nonetheless, if it isn’t 100% natural, it can still be of good quality, but only if it meets the 80/20 rule. This means that the fabric is 80% natural and only 20% synthetic. Natural fabrics, either extracted from animals or plants, including leather, cotton, linen, silk, and wool, are the best. They are easier to maintain, comfortable, and last longer. These are all quality checks that make Pakistani dresses great wardrobe addition.

Tips To Identify Quality Pakistani Dresses

Tips To Identify Quality Pakistani Dresses


Pakistani outfits have, over the years, maintained that unique hand embroidery. This is among the top tells of quality. It is in the details; check for missed steps and uneven stitches. Look at the buttons and buttonholes. Those details can easily give away a poorly constructed Pakistani dress, meaning it won’t hold as promised. Hand-crafted Pakistani dresses are detailed, from the fabric choice, colors, to the finishing and detailing.

While looking for the best dress, it is more than your fashion statement. You want a quality dress that you’ll treasure for an extended period. As such, taking your time to examine the dress can’t be emphasized enough. Look beyond the price tag, color, and fit and you’ll uncover important details that tell you if it is a quality Pakistani dress.

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10 Reasons Why People Love Leather Jackets



Leather jackets are the coolest! To say that it is popular would be an understatement. This is because they are now an ideal choice of outerwear clothing among men and women.

With the advent of coats and other pieces of outwear, nothing has replaced leather jackets. The popularity of different color jackets has significantly risen and continues to do so!

Leather jackets are up for you to shop in a great variety of styles, from classic motorcycle jackets designed to prevent heavy injuries to fashion garments. The jackets are warm and windproof and keep you warm during outdoor activities.

The jackets are made up of sheepskin, mold accordingly, and turn into one of your valuable possession. People now wear it all day, every day. The more you wear it, the more attractive it becomes.

Still looking for reasons that why people are in love with their leather jackets, don’t worry! We have decided to help you. The reasons listed below as follows are:

1.    Leather jackets are trendy and stylish:

Leather jackets are super fashionable and never go of style. The jackets are designed to make you look that you are up for walking on a fashion ramp. It might come out as a whole lot of exaggeration, but unarguably they are the most fashionable clothing piece in the globe.

Wear any leather jacket, be it a black, brown, or any other color. You are getting some head turned towards you. Or you can try wearing a leather jacket someday and walk down the street. Count the heads turned upon you, leaving a lasting impression on people.

2.    Leather jackets make you look cool:

No matter how you pair them up and when to wear them, the jackets are pretty edgy. The jackets make your personality look cooler and level up your fashion game. You can try searching images by including ‘edgy style’ on the search tab.

The images displayed on your computer screen will be of people wearing leather jackets in various styles. Undoubtedly, it includes the edgiest material, making you look cool more than ever before.

3.    Leather jackets are vintage and chic:

Leather jackets have been in the trend since the start. It is a vintage clothing piece, yet chic. The jackets offer an old-school style alongside a contemporary style. It gives you an unmatched opportunity to connect the present with the past.

For easy time travel, you can call for leather!

4.    Leather jackets were originally designed for fighter pilots:

The above heading is accurate. Back in the day, leather jackets were worn by fighter pilots and were not in fashion. Initially, the jackets were designed for military pilots. They were military clothing pieces and considered vital in the past. Imagine military fighter pilots opting for it while serving significant fashion goals.

5.    The ultimate protection item during world war:

During times of world war, most of the air jets didn’t include enclosed cockpits. Thus, pilots were required to wear something that kept them warm. For this reason, the US Army introduced a clothing board.

The brand offer heavy-duty leather jackets to pilots. These leather jackets include wraparound collars, zipper closures alongside wind flaps, snug cuff, and waist. Some of these leather jackets included fur too.

Therefore, the aim was fulfilled since this clothing piece kept the army warm. Further, the jackets protected them while they served fashion looks. It couldn’t get any cooler than this! They were attractive, and it was above all.

6.    Maroon leather jackets are a fashion statement:

Leather jackets have been here for the longest time and have influenced greatly. Thus, this means Hollywood is also inspired by this clothing item. Dated back to 1953, Marlin Brando during The Wild One was spotted wearing it, making everyone speechless.

Other popular personalities including, Joana Jett, Debbie Harry, and Kate Moss, were dotted sporting it during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. To this day, people dress in classic maroon leather jackets and make a fashion statement like no one.

The list doesn’t stop here. Emma Watson, Hugh Jackman, and George Clooney were sporting the classic style, making every jaw dropped!

7.    Popular among musicians:

Music sets everyone’s mood right, and so do the leather jackets. The Ramones, Elvis, the Beatles, and Madonna are considered “Gods of music.’ Their music has been passed from one generation to another and continues to top till day.

Just similar to their taste in music, they all are seen getting dressed up in leather jackets. They share a common interest related, and no one pulls off a timeless classic piece like them.

8.    The addictive smell of leather jackets:

The supreme smell of leather jackets is attractive and might fell off as a legal drug. However, this isn’t happening anytime soon. The scent is addictive and refreshing, and you don’t require convincing anymore because they smell the best.

9.    Worn as formal and casual:

The timeless clothing piece helps you serving goals all the time, be it a formal or a casual event. You can pair it with anything, and it uplifts your fashion game. You can pair it up with a pair of denim and boots for a casual look and with dress pants for a formal event. Voila, you are ready!

10.Always in style:

A leather jacket isn’t replaced by any of the regular styles to date. A leather jacket is a timeless piece that isn’t going out of style. They are a fashion statement. Dorn, it anywhere with the right pair of clothing and accessories to boost up your fashion game.

You wish to look cool, hot, casual, or formal. Grab your leather jacket and wear it to serve these looks.

In a wrap:

With leather jackets, the ball is in your court. Pair the timeless clothing piece with the right kind of accessories to serve good looks. The clothing piece is popular for the above reasons, offering classic style to all age groups.

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Wet and Wavy Adjustable Human Hair Full Lace Wig Style



The best human hair wig styles are of different types. There are numerous choices and interests levels that can be helpful and assistive to approach with easy and simple approaching standards according to the needs and priorities levels. Choice of the best human hair full lace wig collection can be approached with simple and reliable resources. Choice of the latest fashioning Deep Wave styles can be chosen according to the priorities and interests levels to access with easy and simple approaching patterns. Sarce& precious design hair designs can be accessed with easy and simple approaching standards.

There are the latest fashioning full lace wig styles that can be accessed with instant and smart choices to access with simple accessibility resources. Black women like the latest fashioning hair wig styles that can match their personalities to enhance their importance to access instant and reliable sources. There are varieties of useful and attractive hairstyles that can be accessed with quick delivery options. Black women like full lace wig hair designs that can be matched with a simple and reliable source of action plans. GLUELESS HIGH-DENSITY BREATHABLE LACE CLOSURE WIG, WET & WAVY HEADBAND WIG | EASY SWITCH (CURL & STRAIGHT) are lots of attractive and instant and fast accessibility resources to access with simple and reliable sources to get the best and smart choices.

Adjustable straps can be approached with simple and useful inspiration to access from fast and authentic resources. Do preferences to get satisfied with easy and smart feature plans. Black women like the latest fashioning ideas and useful inspirations that can be approached with instant and reliable resources to buy the latest fashioning choices. Buy the latest fashioning hair wig styles and ideas that can be approached from fast and quick accessibility parameters. Nothing can be explored to access with an easy and reliable source of action plans.

Approach from quick and reliable proceeding can be matched according to the interests and priorities and inspirations can be accessed with simple and quick accessibility parameters. Lightly pre-plucked hairline ideas can be accessed with step-by-step integration of plans to find the best and quick accessibility resources. Swiss medium brown hairbands and hairstyles can be approached with instant and fast accessibility plans. Latest fashioning women’s hair wig styles can be approached through reliable resources. Hair wig collection can be accessed with instant and smart choices to access with a user-friendly interface.

Young ladies like reliable and authentic resources to access with instant and smart choices. There are massive ranges of ideas and latest technology features that can be approached with an instant and reliable source of action plans. There is a great chance to boosts your hair with attractive and trending fashion hairstyles and make sure who to get satisfied with and which style of length match your personality. Improves your hair with a natural flow to choose the same texture with body requirements. Make sure new full lace wig trends and the latest fashion arrival updates from authentic resources before proceeding further.

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Unique and Attractive Frontal Lace Wig Styles and Trends



Density frontal lace wig glueless can be satisfied to access from instant and fast accessibility resources according to the interests and priorities levels of the women. There are many choices and interests levels density frontal wig range that is matched according to the interests and priorities levels. Women like the latest fashioning hairstyles. There are numerous choices and interests levels that can be approached to access from instant responding plans. Hair materials, hairstyles, density, hairline, straps, wig comb bands, weight, model wig, can be best matched according to the interests level and priorities of the people with a simple and reliable source of action plans.

Adjustable straps and elastic bands can be delivered with simple and fast accessibility resources according to the interests and priorities levels. Women like the latest fashioning styles can be approached with easy and simple approaching standards according to the interests and trusts levels of the black women. 180% density frontal lace wigglueless pre plucked for free. There are varieties of latest fashioning plans to match with the priorities and the interest’s levels to access with simple and quick assistance. Swiss, medium brown lace hair wig styles can be accessed with easy and simple approaching parameters to make sure which patterns and priorities of hair wigs can be approached with easy and simple approaching plans.

180% Density is one of the best and ideal choices with a realistic look that can be approached with easy and simple approaching standards according to the needs and priorities levels. Unique and elegant feature frontal lace wigs pre-plucked can be accessed with an instant and reliable source of action plans. There are numerous ideas and interesting points that can be accessed with easy and simple approaching standards to find the best and perfect possible solutions. The luxurious Texture of the hair wig styles greatly influences to match with the interests and priorities levels.

Natural Hairline and Pre Plucked have great influence to approach from easy and simple approaching standards. Silk top Bob wig bangs and loose deep wave headband wig styles can be accessed with easy and simple approaching plans to enhance the personality presence. Women like the latest and attractive fashioning range that can be accessed with easy and smart choices according to the interests and priorities levels. Online add-to-cart features enable interested women to take an interest to buy the best and attractive hair wigs according to their properties and interests levels.

13×4 Lace Frontal, 180% Density provides strong assistance and quick accessibility approaching standards according to the interests and priorities. Unique Texture, custom length, and quality can explroe explore according to the interests levels. Gorgeous Outcome provides instant access and fast accessibility resources according to the interest’s levels to access with easy and simple approaching plans. Black women like instant access and quick accessibility resource to buy specific wig styles. There are numerous ideas about frontal lace wig glueless pre-plucked can be accessed with instant and quick accessibility resources.

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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.