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The Royals NFT collection hosts first cultural event in Ghana with fashion, music and more



The Royals NFT collection hosts first cultural event in Ghana with fashion, music and more

The Royals, an NFT collection where holders travel the world together seeking authentic and diverse cultural experiences, held its first cultural event in Ghana, December 30.

The Royal Gala was a luxurious evening of food, drinks, and dancing, immersing patrons in Ghanaian culture. Caribana has night witnessed a beautiful appreciation for fine art, fashion, comedy, cultural dance, and theatre culminated in a private concert featuring Sarkodie, Kidi and Efya.

For most of the guests, this was the first time of having such a close-up experience with these artists,  in such an intimate and private setting.

During the Gala, guests also witnessed a fashion showcase of genesis collection of attires made with kente and wax print (Ankara) from fashion designers like Selasi Von Hausen, Eugene D’wise, Chocolate, Danypal and November by Elia.


The Royals NFT collection showcases African Royalty through fashion. Owners can create a royal family on the blockchain, curate an authentic Ghanaian cultural experience, and enjoy tangible utility for international travel to Africa.

Dr. Hans Boateng, founder of The Royals NFT, comments: “With our first collection, we are celebrating the vibrant culture of Ghana. It features both Kente and Ankara NFTs. Each NFT is represented by beautiful artwork of Ghanaian people wearing both traditional and modern cultural attire. All of the unique features and utilities can be found on our official website.

He adds: “We believe that authentic representation makes a difference in the lives of marginalized communities. Web3 is the next generation of the internet that promises to empower its users. By creating this NFT, we have given Africans and African Americans a home in Web3 they might not otherwise have. We are not stopping with Ghana! Each new NFT collection we release will invite the Royals to experience and celebrate a different culture. Everyone can become Royalty.”

Dr. Hans Boateng, known as The Investing Tutor, launched The Royals NFT, at least in part, to bring African culture and fashion to Web 3. He has a deep passion to help his community build generational wealth. This led him to create the first investment tutoring business in the United States and the first luxury travel NFT to showcase diverse cultures.


Dr. Hans realized most crypto projects lack diversity and representation which excludes underrepresented communities left behind by the traditional financial system. His vision to create a Royal Family on the blockchain that welcomes everyone, hosts one-of-a- kind experiences across the globe, and brings different cultures together, builds a more inclusive world in crypto and Web3.

The Royals also comes with an opportunity for individuals across the globe to experience Africa’s Royal Culture. For individuals living abroad, The Royals will curate their entire travel experience including visa on arrival, luxury car pickup, travel concierge services and a full trip, planned with events including the Royal Gala. Therefore expect  another Royal Gala this year.  visit www.GHANAROYALGALA.COM for details.

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